Sunday, February 26, 2012

If I Had a Brother.!!!

If I had a brother...
who’ll be with me in all walks of my life,
as my friend…
as my critique
as my well wisher…
as my all, he will be with me,
To care,
to support,
to appreciate,
to fight...
When I’m sad, he’ll console me.
When I’m happy, he’ll accompany me.
When I’m in a plight,
he’ll support me and solve that for me.
I wish, If I had a brother,
Who is just like my breath.
I know it is impossible,
but, I wish
If I had a brother...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Special Moments...

                Its more than one month I updated my blog. In this long gap I didn’t get enough time to scribble something in my sweet friend… Sorry my dear…. L
                So what’s special now!!! Yea it’s something special for me… 2012 started with a big bang… Lots of surprises, smiling faces, crazy events, proud moments. In short it was perfect. January was filled with enthusiastic events, yeap lets go as a time line. First week of course it is New Year, with new hope filled with New Year celebrations… It was awesome.

                Then comes the great event in my life – Internship in “The New Indian Express”. It was great to be a part of Indian Express at least for one month. And moreover that I didn’t even thought our features and reports will publish in the newspaper with our name!!! Wow true yaar it’s a great feeling to see your work published with your name. I must say I was so lucky in those times, from group work to individual… I did it!!! Yippee!!! And in some days I was in cloud nine, when an “unknown personality” congratulated us for our work through one of the senior staffs in Indian Express. Here I must say my heartfelt “thanks” to my friend Ansha. We were the partners for the whole month, in all the tasks we were together… Thank you dearJ. It was a proud moment when I wrote about the ancient temple in the locality and lots of appreciation came my way from my own place… Thanks goes to my family especially my angel…

                Yes, it was a good start in this New Year 2012. God, be there with me as always, I know tears and fears are part of life, be with me like this… I know you are there beside me I can feel it in each and every step of mine…. Thank you!!!

Guys how can I complete this without mentioning my works... Here it goes...
Unfortunately the link for the feature which me and Ansha done about our college is missing :(
But Must say The days were truely awesome great :) :)