Sunday, June 22, 2014

21 Random questions!!!

Heyy Friends! Its been a loooong time I did something like this and  Yes! now I am going to take up this "ASK ME MEME" from Sunday Stealing

Here I go with the  21 Random questions!!!

1:What was the last argument you had about?  

Ans :  It was about a shopping plan! 

2:How long is your longest relationship? 

Ans : Not into a relationship :P if that is what you meant ;) 

3:What is something not many people know about you? 

Ans : There are many things!! let it be a secret ;)

4:Two truths and a lie. Go. 

Ans : Truth 1 : I love books
         Truth 2 : I love Music
         Lie : No man! I don't lie!!! 

5:Do you believe in fate/destiny? 

Ans : Yes I Do!

6:Where is somewhere you've always wanted to live? 

Ans : Hmm... Paris I Guess!!! :P

7:Has there ever been a song that made you cry? 

Ans : Yes, There is!!

8:Do you jump/scare easily? 

Ans : Its up-to that situation... May be 50-50

9:Which birthday has been your favorite? 

Ans: All my birthdays are close to my heart :)

10:Have you ever been pulled over? Arrested?

Ans: Nope

11:Have you ever been to a fortune teller?

Ans : No... But I would love to :)

12:What’s your favorite series of books?

Ans: Twilight Series! 

13:Who is someone that you think knows the most about you outside of family?

Ans: No one, I Guess! 

14:What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Ans: Nothing sort of that! Lucky me!!

15:List one of your quirks. 

Ans: I Love to listen

16:State 1 bad habit of yours.

Ans: My anger

17:Has a scary movie ever given you nightmares?

Ans: Yes, Still I don't like to see Horror ones, even if I watch my both hands will be there covering my face :P

 18:When was the last time you got your hair done in a salon?

Ans: Looong Back, I Guess!

19:What was the last thing you did with your friends?

Ans: Loads of Pranks on a particular day ;)

20:What’s something that you like to do that others might see as weird?

Ans: I don't want to...!!

 21:What was the last trip you took?

Ans: To my Home!! :)

Yes! Here it is! 

After all life is all about being happy, feeling lucky and loads of smiles!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

To my Dad...!!!

Things haven't changed,
from the day,
I've born into your hands!
It never matters what,
I'm always your little princess!

From the day you help me,
to take little steps,
you taught me,
to fly high without bothering the boundaries!

You taught me to smile!
To be the light in the darkness!
To be myself,
even in the crowd!

Being your daughter,
is the greatest blessing!!!
And it makes me realise,
How blessed am I!!!
You're my Hero!
And am your lucky princess!!!