Friday, March 30, 2012

Break time...


So whatz next…  I was thinking for a whole day and then I realized that itz exam time… yea exams starts on Monday .Donno why during study leave times I am so active and do so many things other than studies… My friends are busy with their studies… what to say about me walking here and there, chatting with sis and mom. While friends text show hw’s your studies without any doubt i'll text back “yea itz gng well” and here am posting new scribbling day by day and finding out more blogs which are unknown to me… Commenting to all the works which my friends posts and today while I comment on the blogs I found some error in the blogosphere… yea I am unable to comment in any of the blog… not even mine… I hope  it will be accessible..

But now taking a break from blogosphere… 

Yea its time for studies ha ha ha lemme study atleast  in this last minute… friends, pray for me… Yes am heading towards the final exam… Wish  me good luck and do pray for me… Cyaa soon after my xamzz



Thursday, March 29, 2012



     No one wants to be sincere,


But everyone needs sincerity from others.


    No one wants to bend in front of others,


But everyone wants someone to bend in front of others.


    No one wants to see pretend relations,


But everyone pretend to be a dear ones.


    No one wants to see masked faces,


But everyone wears a masks


     Everyone expects something from someone,


But no one is ready to provide something for some one…

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A change...


Need a  change,


Need a change,

Lets hold our hand

For a change

Of a better world

Lets make the change

Right now,

Straight from our heart

Through our words, deeds and actions

Its time for a change!!!

For a better world...

For a peaceful world...



Saturday, March 17, 2012

100 @ 100

"Enjoy the game and chase your dreams, I think dreams do come true," – Sachin Tendulkar

                     So this post is a small dedication to one of my favourite stars in this world… Yea its Sachin Tendulkar… Most of all the records are there in his pocket… Still humble, still kind… Who can be like this!!! 

First player who achieves 100th international hundred, First player to reach 10,000-11,000-12,000-13,000-14,000-15,000, 16,000 and 17,000, 18,000 ODI runs, The one and only batsman to score 200 runs in an ODI against South Africa, First player to play a record 400 innings, First batsman to complete 33,000 International runs, Most number of Man of the Match awards in World Cup,
And the list goes on & on…… How can we stop ourselves from calling him as “God of Cricket” even though he says “"I am not god, I am Sachin Tendulkar".
He is one of the most precious gems for India. Each and every Indian must be proud to get such a player (nope thats not enough) to get such a human being in this country.
“"I've never played cricket for milestones. While playing I have ended up breaking a few records, but that was never my goal. I play cricket just because I enjoy the game. The 100th hundred was the most difficult." – The words of most talented, kind, down to earth celebrity…
Kya bath hai!!!! Love you Sachin… Congrats for your ‘Latest Milestone’ Looking forward for more :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lovely memories


School days were one of the most colourful days in our life. Remembering those days brings tears in our eyes. Couple of days before in my class our professor was sharing a light moment with us and he told about the mischief that students do in class hours when they are bored. This statement made a slideshow in my mind of some wonderful moments that me and my friends did in our school days…

            It’s really hard to concentrate in some subjects which we are not at all interested. In those hours we open our world of fun. It starts from playing ‘Name, Place, Animal and Thing' (its ma favourite game) to passing the ‘secret’ chits from one corner to the other. Each and every working days starts by checking the ‘time-table’. If there is physics hour, we all are happy. It is the most apt day to do our own things. While our teacher gives lecture about lens and machines, here we will be in our own world of creativity. Some wrote poems, some draw pictures, some scribbled in their notes… One of my favourite hobby was… no- no still I love to darken the ‘O,B,P,A’ letters. My textbooks looked so pretty in those ‘artistic’ works!!! :-p (to be frank am a dump in drawing, don’t know to draw a flower perfectly) Then comes scribbling something in the notes. Teachers think it as taking down lecture notes but it was my ‘own’ notes. After lots of years back when we check those notes lots of memories pops into our mind. 

            One of our new invention was translating Malayalam songs into English. We were fond of doing this translation works. Hey… don’t misunderstand it’s not proper translation, its just the words which translates, not even changing the structures to provide proper meaning. After the class hour the translated version will sing by the singer of the group. It was real fun!!! We laughed till our stomach ache by listening to that meaningless song which once had beautiful lyrics. Our most loved song was “Manasa maine varu…” from the film Chemmen. In class hours we invent new, stylish signatures with our names and in break time we played hide & seek and ghost house. We played it so sincerely; we never give that much sincerity to our studies. We run and hide as if there is a real ghost near us… As days passed  new and new games came our way. When we reached high school our uniform dress changed and girls have to wear churidar. During class hour we tie the duppatas of the ones sit in front of us ( yaar its really dangerous) but it was fun tying each other duppatas and adding some stuffs like pencil or books in the tied duppatas. It never goes to any dangerous extends… (Thank God!!!) Sometimes our murmuring caught teachers attention and while they asks what’s that our usual  reply was “ Nothing Madam” . But once  we caught up in the hands of teachers, we decided to be good girls and came up with another ideas :):)

            Truly, those beautiful mischievous days never come back. Without any tensions about future, without any regret of past, completely living in the present, fully enjoying those moments… They never come back again … Lovely memories!!!