Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year Thought!

When this year comes to an end,
Everyone is busy in analyzing the year,
and  planning for the New Year.
In the midst of celebrations,
people analyze, scrutinize and evaluate,
their benefits,profits and loses
and plans for future.

But how many of us,
think of the smiles we had,
the laughter we had till our stomach ache,
the cries we had for a better tomorrow,
the mixture of happiness and sadness we shared!

Take a Moment!
Close your eyes and think.
Are those moments we enjoyed were planned?
The moments we smiled,
The moments  tears embraced us.
All those moments which made us happy,
was just happened in a blink of eye.
We didn't plan, we didn't expect
Still it was perfect!

Love every moment,
we are no one to blame a year,
which is passing by.
We are no one to define,
the moments we had,
which are yet to come.

Feel blessed,
for all the moments.
With a smile in your lips,
Enjoy the moments!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Feel like Flying
above the valleys,
along with the breeze!
To feel the nature,
to be in love with every moment!

Feel like Flying
just like the clouds do!
along with the soothing moon,
with all the calmness,
yet as brightening as it can!

Feel like Flying
to be with the rainbow!
just after a cool rain,
to be with the curve of colors,
which spread the smile, always!

Feel like Flying,
just within myself!
to realize the energy in me,
to know how blessed am I...

Even I didn't knew, I never care
Feel like Flying,
to spread the smiles,
to make realize how blessed we are!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

That's Love!

Miles Apart,
Still so close,
You are the Sunshine,
Brightens my world!
We have our talks,
even in silence.
We feel our presence,
even in the absence.
We find our world,
in each other's eyes.
Our world is complete,
when we hold our hands.
All we have is,
those beautiful smiles and heartbeats!!!