Monday, June 27, 2011

My Life... My Rules..

I may have thousands of faults
in the eyes of you,
but am sure
there is an atom of goodness  in me.
I may be rude
I may be irresponsible
in the eyes of you people
but am sure
I am not that much bad...
You guys may feel that
I am useless
but sorry, you are mistaken..
You may find that am lacking ideas
but I've my own views..
You may define me in your own view
but I may differ from that..
I may done lotz of mistakes
but I've a heart to correct myself...
With all your negative views in me,
Still with the goodness in me,
Accept me if you can
I can't change for your sake...

Monday, June 13, 2011


Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

First tag Taken....

Yeah... Here am tagged by Alcina and i taken it as soon as i can... And thankz Alcina this is the first tag for me...

Color - Red is my most favourite color... it makes me so enthusiastic and i like purple, blue and white

Sports - My all time favorite Cricket but i love football too...

Artist / Singer -  A.R Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Atif Aslam, S.P.B, Sankar Mahadevan, Yesudas, Shreya Goshal.... List goes on

Hobby - Listening Music, Watching T.V, fighting with Sis.... Writing...

Movie -  3 Idiots, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Sangamam, Devasuram, Dasharatham

Songs - oru naru pushpamay, behti hawa, oru murai killi parthein, oru kunju poovinte, chinna chinna mazhai thulikal, tu jane na, papa kehtehe, all is well, maula maula..... endless

Perfect Holiday - With fav music, with my family, with fun, in my world's favorite place - My home...

Dessert - Any flavor except Chocolate..

City - My Fav city The garden city, Jammu & kashmir, Varanasi..

Season - Every season but rainy is the best

And well datz something abt me...!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watzz Next..???

What is next?
question is simple..
Yet no answer in my hand.
Life is a magic,
uncertain about the next moment...
still we plan for our future.
Just turn back,
the day which we laugh whole heartedly,
the moments that filled our eyes,
is that we planned?
The colorful days yet to come,
but still frightened
what's next?
Itz all like a suspense thriller...
With all the uncertainty,
With all the fear,
Still with all the hope
I love my life upto the maximum...

Love your life,enjoy life
Else you may feel repentance later