Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"I" what it means...?
merely an alphabet...?
No, dont think so
lying inner meaning,
in this vertical line.
So much of importance to 'I'
Some have more to tell,
some are not bothered about that.
Some find world in this single letter,
their life is in this line...
A single line,
and so much interpretations...!!!
A single line
and so much of explanations..!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Realities are far away from us.
like a birth of a child
like the moments after death
we can't describe it
we cant found it...
It is away from us...
why we are in this earth?
why should nature save us?
And then,
why we are exploiting the nature:
who serve us
some question is never answered...
some things are never explained...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zest of My Life..!!!

Rising sun.Rainbow.Dreams.Music.Achan.Inspiration.
Amma.Talks.My angel.Dewdrops.Achievements.Prayer.
Melody.Love.Drops.Compassion.Paper boats.Moonlight.
Chanting.Tea and newspaper.Night...
More than that MY LIFE...


ExamS.. Xamzz... Xamzz....

"Da did you study the glossary, Ma'm said its very important"
" Oh my God, No yaar I want to study. I didn't study anything..."

This is the most common dialogues we can hear when we enter into a college or school in the month of March. March is not only the month of summer heat but also the time of exam fever. From mid february itself tensions and preparations come into the extreme level. I f it is board exams - Oh my God... no words to express that. Most of the parents restricts their children from using mobile phones (Thanks to my parents I didn't experience that)But the fact is that most of the important notes that we studied(not generalising but majority)are through sms and chats. As one of my friends says mobile phones help a lot for late night studies.But what to say "MOBILES AND COMPUTER IS RESTRICTED" on those days.. Late night studies, missed calls and the last minute reading in front of the exam hall are the most wonderful moments of examz..

By the by I didn't tell you the importance of missed calls right? Oky now itz the time for that... Oh, its really adventerous. In the time of exams or study leave we wont be able to sms our friends (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE)So its the most adventerous one to give missed calls to your friends(Beware parents are always watching you)

Eventhough all says that it is a tension period there are lots and lots of good moments that we can cherish in our life. The sms by friends (basically bunkers) at the night before exam..
"Send me d prtns"
" Watz d xam 2mrw"
And the funny(can be say as foolish) explanation of a portion that we get on the talk of the exam day. The "art" in the exam hall(I think you got it)and the preparation of "bibliography"(PIECE)for the exam(by the "most studious" students) completing exam within ten minutes....

Really great times.....
Why all (Old generation)makes this nice, superb moments as tension moments. Dont you think they (old generation)too had these nice moments.. Ofcourse they had... If not how can we say that they are educated...!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A note on my FRIEND..!!!

The words it was a great surprise for me...
"Write about me too, I want to read that"
"Ofcourse i'll" I replied.
It was at so ease I replied but after that call I just sat silently, I realise itz not easy. " what will I write about her?"
Words are not enough to describe her.. She is my friend, my dear friend...

We are not the ones, who had friendship from our childhood days,
We are not the ones, who studied together for 6-10years...

It was only for just two year, but these days and this friend is a lifetime achievement for me.

It was an accidental meeting under a banyan tree, One of my classmates introduced her to me,

" She is ciyara, my friend. She is in another department".
"Hello", she smiled.
"Hai". I replied.

But I never thought this girl will be my dear one...

After a couple of days on an Economics class, she enter into my class as well as to my life.

Without any special reason or occassion we became close, it didn't took an year to be close to each other...

We had lots of differences in our taste and attitudes but we accepted both as they are... Or in other way instead of accepted we loved each other...

She is always talkative, So that we got lots of punishments from our computer teacher, we were such a nuisance to her class, but our teacher always liked us.

My friend always says that itz because of my patience that she didn't made any troublesome activities in our class..

We had a common enemy.But that "ENEMY" don't know we are her enemy. The most mischievious thing is that my friend planned and done a simple,small revenge to that "Enemy". I didn't knew that, itz after our classes she disclose it to me. It create a huge laugh among us...

Smile in her lips is permanent, she wont get sad easily, but she will shed tears when her heart is broken....

She is 101% sincere to her friends, She will be there always as a helping hand. But on the other hand it will turn back to her and affect badly to her... She is damn good friend to all his friends...

Her negative quality (Just 4 fun) is her sincerity, she'll do anything for her friends without thinking about her situation and she wont think twice before she leap forward... She'll be there around us...

We may not contact daily...
We may not sms daily...
We may not chat daily....

But I know she'll be there with me in my happiness and sadness
she'll be there with me to support me
she'll be there with me to encourage me

She is my Good friend...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Girl....!!!

I won't laugh,
when you crack 'so-called' jokes.
I won't cry,
when you want me to shed tears.
I can't make you feel better,
when you are not so.
I won't promize you;
I'll be there in all your good and bad.
I can't be like the one whom in your dreams..
I'll criticize you,
when I don't like you.
I'll live you,
when I hate you.
Iam not the one whome you dream
Am a girl,
with my own attitude and character
It is in my blood.
And I cant change that for your sake...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Having icecream.....

An evening after a long tired walk.... reached home and just sat in the sofa asking amma to give some water or tang... As the sun is too hot i cant bear the heat of the sun!!! After putting my bags down i sat so relaxed but i didnt get water... they didnt give me any drop to satisfy my thirst but... there was a surprise for me..!!!!!

Having a cornetto was a cool experience... & a surprise too....