Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Healer!!!

Sometimes, Just sometimes we may feel like drifting away or just want to drift away from all those lovely hearts which once made your lives profound. But now, you don't know why you want to move on without them! And there comes the villain 'misery'. Your mind goes gloomy, the faces goes murky and you just can't figure out that thought, just a random thought of yours that made you uncomfortable. And you won't found anything good around you!!

Still, When you walk around and see a wonderful view  of nature like the rays of sunshine in the pinky-pinky flowers or a flock of birds just flew away from your eyesight and you just think "why the hell I didn't took my camera". However those views will surely make your heart lighter than before! Some says Time is a great healer, But I would like to say Nature is the greatest healer!!!

PS: Next time when you feel isolated don't forget to look around, you will feel amazing!! TRUST ME!!!