Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Her eyes were wet,
Words stuck in her thoughts...
That day was her beautiful dream!
The day of garland, mehandi and smiles
Her Prince Charming beside her.
she never imagined,
that day can make her cry!

Lots of images rushed her mind,
Supporting hands of her dad,
the way he cared his little princess!
Lovable goodnight kisses of her mom,
the way she made her feel safe!
their unlimited love and care for her!
"Yes, I'm gonna miss them", she sighed.

A touch in her hands,
break her thoughts.
He smiled,
when he held her hands.
Smile or cry,
she didn't knew what to do!
While leaving his hands,
She said "take care papa"
With tears in his eyes,
he said, " bless you my princess"

PS :  Picture Credits goes to Google images
PPS  : Concept is inspired from Prashanth