Saturday, May 24, 2014

If it is not FOREVER, It is not LOVE!!!


Love, her mind was all about Love, about her prince charming who proposed her in front of her friends, which made her blush all through the day. It was the day she was waiting for the past five years. They  were not friends, but not strangers too!!! They hardly talk to each other but their silent smiles and eye contacts spoke a lot more than the words could! They never exchanged gifts or texts, dating was something which they can never imagine of. Still they loved each other with the utmost sincerity. Even in this technological world their words were silent, but love spoke a lot!

                   She is Meera, a lover of love who was head over heels for Vivek, her batch mate. Her love for him was like a beautiful Haiku. His story too was not different. From the day they met in the library counter, he came to college just to see her. He followed her eyes everywhere. Library, Canteen, Corridor, each and every spot of college witnessed their love. When their friend's exchanged their love through whatsapp  and smileys, Meera and Vivek lived in their love.

                   In this digital world, Meera and Vivek is not an exception. There are youth who give importance and find beauty in love. They may be tech-savy but they do love verses too. When the olden generation expressed their love through letters, here the new generation hide a pinch of love in text messages. Old generation people still have the tendency to blame youth for not having the time to find the magic of love, but they fail to realize that the youth still love to be in love. After all it is love which make life colourful. Without any insecurities they own them in silence too. All Rahman songs are for them, each rain drops showered thousand messages. Even apart they realised they are under the same moon and stars. Arts fest, campus day and endless campus programs add fragrance to their love.

                 Even in this fast moving life there are youth who move slowly in love, how much technology may develop, love is still a melody, just like a Ilayaraja musical melody. The people who said poetry of love had end, never seen the creative pieces tat guys and girls post in their 'timeline' to impress their love.

                 Today's campus still watch many love stories. Some end up in trash boxes and some stay in inbox as fresh as a blooming flower. " There are love affairs in campus that don't end in placements or farewell, there are love which are forever, where we grow old with our loved one", says Meera smiling looking at her engagement ring when Vivek held her hand. Still their smiles speaks a lot and that too forever!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Will You Be Mine!!!


                "Will you be mine?", he asked

She was in her garden, nurturing her favourite roses. She turned back to see who it was. Surprised to see him, she asked.

                 "Shh.. why are you here?"

Without saying a word he gave a ring to her.

                 "What's this?? Someone will see, you romancing with me and that too in this age".

With full of love in his wrinkled eyes, he touched her hands, she blushed and he said

                " Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary my Love"

 Tears in her eyes she said

                 "I Love You"