Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Itz raining again!!

Itz raining again! Bringing back all the memories... A slideshow is loading in my eyes when I close my eyes... The small drops which gives us a heavenly feel... Drops poured down which have the power to wash away all our worries... Rain with heavy wind which wrapped me into so many memories... some sweet like sugar, some which break my heart... some which make me proud and all these memories become one when its raining... And the rain which makes me remember the first day of my school, The days which we made paper boats and the days which we waited for the heavenly art- Rainbow! Yes! Itz raining again with all my memories!!! A Nostalgic Downpour!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's day!

Just a small note to the precious gift of my life :

"Without you am nothing,
Because of you am Gifted"

A very Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in this World and a SPECIAL wish to my Amma...
love you loadz and loadz :)

                                         :) :) :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

"MAY" !!!

Hai friendzz!!! Yes am back after a short break. It was exam time for me and now I am enjoying a small vacation of one week which is gonna end soon :( Yea am sad  for that still am happy because right now am in my home sweet home.
                                                    So its May right?? Fifth month of the year... Hmm now what am I going to scribble here??? No Idea!!! may be on the way I'll get any topic... Ok.. Fine.. let me scribble something about "MAY". For me, May was always the month of anxiety, excitement as well as sad moments too... Its really funny when I look back to those day :) :)

                                                        As a student, for me, May was a time of mood swings. It will be in the play time we'll think of the results which is yet to come, which creates an anxiety and a kind of fear at that time. Still its in the same time we think of buying new books, uniforms, umbrella and all for the next academic year. Excitement of meeting friends again still in sadness that vacation is coming to an end... Thus all sorts of feelings will be there in this small child... and that's none other than "ME" :) :)

                                                      Now in this May its something different, when I am enjoying this one week of vacation, my sis is on her study leave... Do we need anything else to have silly fights over silly things??? But its really fun to have these so-called fights :) And in the other hand when am going back to my classes on next week, my Bestie is going to celebrate her two month vacation in the "GARDEN CITY OF INDIA". Hmm... And the day we decide to meet on is 3rd May... yeah exactly that's today... But the sad part is that we didn't... why??? Due to an unexpected Harthal :( :(  why these guys are making trouble to the public without any reason... Huh if it is beneficial all would have supported but its not that...  The thing which make me happy in midst of all these things is the presence of Rain in these nights... Yes! Its raining well here :) :) The cool raindrops which is in my window pane and the wind which make me cool ... Rain in nights is really magical.. Yes! am loving it :)

                                                    May - Two more no -no many more specialties are there in this month. Apart from May Day , May have so many special days and in those my favorites are World Smile Day and World Mother's Day. The other specialties are:

    • American Bike Month
    • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
    • Asparagus Month
    • Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month
    • Better Hearing and Speech Month
    • Flower Month
    • National Bar-B-Que Month
    • National Egg Month
    • National Duckling Month
    • National Hamburger Month
    • National Mental Health Month
    • National Salad Month
    • National Photo Month
    • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
    • National Strawberry Month
    • Older Americans Month
    • Transportation Month
                                                   World Smile Day and World Mother's Day - Such a beautiful days for such sweet reasons! No one can think of a life without these two symbols. May 5 is celebrated as World Smile Day and Every Second Sunday of May is celebrated as World Mother's Day. So May is the month for the most precious ones in our life which are correlated  :)

                                               You may wonder what this post is all about... Nothing Friends, I only want to say is that Keep smiling... Whatever be the situation stay positive... Live Life to the fullest... 

    Take Care... Keep smiling :) :)