Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy time!!!

                  Study holidays - the most creative days in ones life.. Err.. oops.. sorry at least in my life :) :) It is the time when we get interest in each and every single-minute things in this world. As some one else said  "Even a blank wall will be interesting during study holidays". Yes! that is something true and am going through this situation right now. Knowingly or unknowingly there are some special thing in these days which add color to this period

  • Explosion of creative stuffs in mind.
  • Increase in the aptitude for drawing.
  • Texting - Each text message is valuable.
  • Repeated phone calls - "started?" "ohh you covered that?" expressions.
  • Promising oneself this won't happen in the next sem
  • Scolding from your mom for not even touching your books
  • Googling your notes which eventually lead you to your favorite social networking sites
  • Feeling hunger and bored all the time
  • Cursing the one who found exams
  • Increase in helping mentality
  • Counting days for exams
  • Imagining how you are gonna write exams
  • Hoping everything is going to be a great success
  • Scribbling motivational quotes here and there
  • Being 'more' spiritual for the time being
                Hahaha... You may wonder what happened to this girl... just scribbling something without any sense! This post is just to say that "I'M ON  MY STUDY HOLIDAYZZ!!"

And yaa I hope everything will go well according to the plans... Friendzz, do pray for me and yaa stopping now.. Its study holidayss :p  So friends, keep smiling and Enjoy Each and Every Moment... Remember Everything Happens for Something GOOD!!! :) :) :)