Saturday, December 29, 2012

She is gone now....

She died...
Is it all her fault???
She walked in night with
her friend...
She thought everything is
safe here...
But she was wrong.
She is gone now...
leaving back all her dreams...
Who said India is an
Independent country???
Who said women have
equality in this country???
Can't girls be free in this country???
She is not safe even in
her own home...
Is this is the face of-
educational India???
Will this scenario ever change???
Will Gandhi's dream of
real independence ever happen???
Hopes remains as hopes.
Still hopes are there!!!
All Love to that Brave Girl...
May Her Soul Rest In Peace!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Time to Celebrate???

How can we celebrate,
when a girl fight for her life,
just because humanity closed their
eyes towards her???

How can we celebrate,
when children pull their parents
in old age homes,
just because of their old age helplessness???

How can we celebrate,
when our hands and tongues in chain???
How can we celebrate,
when showing protest is treated as crime???

How can we celebrate,
when democracy means,
being a fool and watching their drama???
How can we celebrate,
when four corners of this world-
echoes only
crime,corruption and evil???

We celebrate the Birth of  Divine
with a prayer,
with a hope that
His blessings will be with us and
One day,
Its gonna make a difference!!!

PS : Happy Christmas friendzz... Njoy to the Core!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Girl With Three Birthdays!!!

There is a girl in a village who is lucky enough to celebrate her birthday in three different days… wait  this not an old story, she is not a mythical creation or not the one who have any special power. For many others out there it won’t be something very special or not so valid point but for her its something special. Three different dates to celebrate her birthday!!!

                        Now who is she??? Yes, some of you guessed it right… Its me… The girl I describe above, its all about myself J. Now the question is how and why??? Thankz to Government of Kerala’s Educational department J They Printed my DOB as 3rd December instead of 2nd December in my age proof and thus my official birthday falls on 3rd December  and personal one still belongs to 2nd DEC J My loved ones always wish me on these two days… J J and how the third one??? And for that thankz to our culture. As our tradition says one has to celebrate his/her birthday on the basis of ‘Nakshathra’ which he/she born… And for this girl that day falls today!!! Happy b’dy Girl J J J This story may be common for many but for me its special…

                        And now am soo soo happy to get this life, in the middle of these loved ones… How much lucky am I to get this life… without these special people my world won’t be colorful as it is now…

v     Love you Achan & Amma for your sweet colorful Gift and your sweet kisses on my b’dy J

v     Thank you, my sweet angel … my sis she fulfilled my secret wish (just between both of us) and for her sweet gift J am lucky to have you in my life

v     My bestie… You made me shocked this time… never thought you would do that… A pretty card, a pretty talk and a pretty gift… luv u loadzz J

v     A planned surprise b’dy celebration…My first b’dy in my hostel life… Simply Superb… Thankz Girlzz…

This is heaven!!! So many b’dy wishes came my way without any social networking site’s notifications… How can I say thanks to my family… But one thing my sis you simply Rockzz!! You know what I need and you are there for me and yes you my bestie how you that I’ll be happy by seeing your surprise gift??? Awesome my girls… You both are are my two supporting hands…

            Thank God for all the beautiful moments in my life and be there with me always…
December is always special and beautiful for this special girl JJ

So friends keep smiling… Me Signing off now… Take Care J JJ

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ray of Hope!!!

Alone in darkness
Searching for some light,
crippled thoughts led my way…
Still walking,
With a ray of hope,
Somewhere there is sunshine
to lead my way…

PS : Itz December again....  Hav Fun friendz... Keep smiling :)