Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Pouring out of my mind,
Stuck in my pen,
Unable to express
the very thoughts,
close to my heart...

PS : Happy Diwali Friendzz... Have a blast :) :)

Friday, November 9, 2012


In this busy life, when you get a break having a hot cup of coffee in the background of rain, thoughts will start the slide show in your mind,
And the things you would like to remember is not your Grade cards, Positions or Financial Status…It will be just some moments which you spend with your dear ones

When you start rearranging your cupboard after a while the things which struck your eyes will be small – small paper chits or birthday gifts which evoke a tiny drop of tear in your eyes and with a smile in your lips

Even when you have lots of world famous books collection in your shelf, the most wonderful book will be your old school rough book in which you scribble your thoughts and play with your friends…

Even if you get thousands of praising from various persons for being successful in your venture, the one wish which gives you immense pleasure and the one which you remember  with a smile and love will be from your best friend with lots of teasing and a hug…

Life is all about small-small things… Small chits used for our chats in class, shared ice creams  stupid group photos,birthday surprises, silly group chats… Even if you forget to do big-big things in your life  never mind- its not going to be a big deal when you remember it after ten years. But it becomes a big deal when it comes to the  small-small things in your life.

Life is as simple as it is… Make the best of it with the simple silly things with a sweet smile on your face… Be happy always J J J