Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things Am Gonna Miss :(

   I don’t know what forces me to do this post. But yaa am going to do this. From my childhood itself or to be frank till last year I can’t imagine of being away from my home or being a hostler and just after my exam ends I started thinking about it. Basically I am a homely girl and can’t think of a day away from my family and till this moment I had never experienced it. Am damn sure its gonna hurt me L L… Yaa I know it’s part of life and should accept it.. OMG!!! Whatz gonna happen… too excited and that much tensed!!!.... Oky so here I am going to list down the things I miss when am away from my home

 1.       Of course my parents and my sweet little angel

2.     .Fights with amma and sis

3.      Fights and teasing of achan in our dining hall

4.     .Evening chats with family

5.     .Amma’s food and morning tea…. Oh yaa am really gonna miss it…

6.      My friends L L

7.      .My room

8.      The moments when achan/amma wakes me up in the morning

9.      .My PC

10.  Amma’s songs and our jamming session

11.  Our temple

12.  Our pointless socio-political-psychological group discussions and debates in my family

13.  Endless mischief by me and my sis

14.  My daily serials in Starplus, Colors,Sony :-p (Gonna miss u khushi, maanvi, simar & all)

15.  My special way of reading  newspaper in the morning

16.  Watching rain through our window panes and endless music

Ohhh noo…. Itz endless…Yes Life is gonna change…Must say home is
Heaven…There is no other place in this world as safe as our home… Am gonna miss the best part of my life… But yaa at last am gonna be back at home…So letz hope for the best… Always remember, it has to be dark for the stars to appear and everything happens for a reason… So friends keep smiling… Live to the fullest J J J  

Thursday, August 16, 2012


No one knows,

But it is happening

Within me

A war!!!

Between my head and heart…


Me in my nest

Unable to fly….

Lost in my thoughts….