Sunday, June 24, 2012


                    Friendship – The most beautiful relation in this world. In friendship we never give a space for any kind of differences, we won’t check whether our friend is a Hindu/Christian/Muslim, whether he/she is dark/fair, whether he/she is rich/poor or whatever it is friendship doesn't have any kind of discrimination. It is a relation in which we can talk, laugh tease, cry, care, share and all wholeheartedly. In every stages of life they will be with you to support you, to encourage you.

            Friends, you may be pointless what I am going to scribble here or why am I going on and on defining friendship… Hmmm… Frankly speaking I too don’t know… Really I mean it J J
Yea but I can say itz a special occasion… Yea its my best friend’s wedding!!!

She entered into a new phase of life. I must say our gang “A2CR” never thought that she will be the first one to tie a knot among usJ!!! Her laughter, her jokes, her nature, she is always a childish girl. Roshmi, She is always our sweet friend and we can’t imagine her as a serious “wife” J. But we are sure she will be a loveable to her husband, responsible to her in laws, she is such a sweety pie who loves her dear ones more than her life J
So through this post, I wish her a great great long lived happy & prosperous married life and here comes a sweet gift for her from her group A2CR J J

            I must say these friends are the pearl of my life. I always thank God for giving me these precious gifts in my life. They know what I am!!!. They always tease me for my foolishness, my so-called philosophies, my absurd ideologies, my range less mobile connection (Thankzz to TATA DoCoMo) J… But Yaa… They are my best buddies J So as my friend CU says “FOREVER NEVER ENDS”… What may come, let it be work schedules, marriages, responsibilities, whatever it may be , we will be all the same as we are promised… Love yaa a lot… 

And Once more a Happy Married Life to our ROCKSTAR J J J

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Surprise...!!!

Yea friends it is yet another surprise from the team of BlogAdda!!!!.

It was just a trial in other words it was just an experiment by me J

But yaa that happened!!!!

I never thought in my first venture itself I would be selected for this post irrespective of its grammatical errors  :-p J J

So here we go….

This is my post which is selected as one of the top posts for this week's 'Spicy Saturday Picks'. 

Blessing in Disguise!!!

Yea one of my post on my nostalgic memories J J

Thankzz a lot the team of Blogadda….

 So here is my link to the post Blessing in Disguise!!!

Lotz of smileys...... :) :)

ps : Friendzz my best rockstar buddy got engaged today.... Let me wish her all the very best in her life :) And yaa really had a lot of fun today.... Love you my friends :) :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


            Heyy Friendzz…. In all these days I was planning and planning and planning to write a new post but that desire end up in doing something else…. Yea It is my vacation time…. Have plenty of free time but am too lazy to do something… I don’t know what I am gonna scribble here… So yaa its gonna be an unedited version of my thoughts….

            I was too excited these days my Entrance exam went well and yaa it was one of the easiest exam I ever done in my life… hope the results will also be favorable for me…Fingers Crossed!!!

            Later I was too busy with my exams to be active in my blog… but of course I was present in the blogosphere by reading my favourite blogs and commenting…. I really love this world of words…

            Let me say the months May and June of 2012 is really special for me. I don’t know why I felt so. I completed my Graduation…. (Results are not out … Finger crossed for that too J ) My sweet little angel’s results are out…!!! She is going to be a degree candidate… (Wow datz awesome) She is busy with admissions and tests, my continuous trips to the Capital of Kerala – Trivandrum, my first visit to Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple… What an amazing temple it is!!! Really am proud to be a part of this cultural tradition…
            And June…. It’s the starting of my favourite season… It’s raining!!! The cool drops which make us chill…. It’s so awesome… I love to be in rain!!! Rain with a cup of coffee & in the background our favourite music… Yea it is heavenJ. June- Reopening of schools, innocent tears of children, smell of new books. Rainy season is always nostalgic for me…. Oh yaa My favourite Sachin Tendulkar entered to a new phase... Member of Parliament... Congratzz!!!


            Life is always filled with surprises… We don’t know what comes next… The incidents happened to me in this one week were all surprises… A meeting with my best friend in the most unexpected occasion which is not at all planned, met one of my favourite teacher after a long gap and an evening rather an afternoon outing with two of my loved ones – my sweet angel and insane friend J J… Without a planning, without even knowing it just happened!!!
            So yaa… Now it is a post…The UNEDITED VERSION OF MY THOUGHTS!!! Wow perfect… hahahah :P… Again Fingers Crossed!!!

All the best friendzz… Keep going… You people are doing an awesome work… Take care and above all…

            KEEP SMILING J J J!!!! Lets create a world without worries… A world full of smiling faces J J J