Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Surprise...!!!

Yea friends it is yet another surprise from the team of BlogAdda!!!!.

It was just a trial in other words it was just an experiment by me J

But yaa that happened!!!!

I never thought in my first venture itself I would be selected for this post irrespective of its grammatical errors  :-p J J

So here we go….

This is my post which is selected as one of the top posts for this week's 'Spicy Saturday Picks'. 

Blessing in Disguise!!!

Yea one of my post on my nostalgic memories J J

Thankzz a lot the team of Blogadda….

 So here is my link to the post Blessing in Disguise!!!

Lotz of smileys...... :) :)

ps : Friendzz my best rockstar buddy got engaged today.... Let me wish her all the very best in her life :) And yaa really had a lot of fun today.... Love you my friends :) :)


  1. Congratzz..


    Ithinu enthayalum chellav kittanam.. :D

  2. and thats a reason to smile indeed...
    congratulations to you :)

    hope to read many more such posts....

    1. Thank You :) & thankz a lot for the inspiration :) :)

  3. Tht's amazing dear :) Congrats to you, Keep up the brainstorming and blogging.. ^_^ <3 <3
    The Sweet Life

  4. Thanxx a lot Ruhie!!! & yaa thnx for ur award too :) ;)keep in touch


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