Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey friends!!! So in this post am gonna deal with my BUCKET LIST!!! Itz somewhat weird but yaa I felt like doing it. So what is a Bucket list??? Here it goes - A Bucket List is the list of things you would like to do before you die. So here is my own Bucket List. Not the entire ones just ten of them J JJ

1.      To see my family always happyJ. Their smiles are my great inspiration for me!!!  So I want to make all their dream come true

2.      To be a Good and dedicated journalist J

3.      Publish a book of my own ( donno whether it happens… just a wish :P)

4.      Lend a helping hand to needy

5.      A world trip… J

6.      Never Ending Friendship

               7.   Meet A.R.Rahman & Sachin Tendulkar

8.      Educate illiterate

                    9.    Want to read Epics of different cultures

10.  To be a Good individual

                      Thatz it for now :) :) So keep smiling friends... stay positive.. tc :) :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” 
William Arthur Ward

A very happy TEACHERS’ DAY wishes to all the teachers all over the world… J J J

Its a special day to remember all our teachers who taught us something in our life.  I must say there are a bunch of teachers who inspire me in different spheres of my life. I am so grateful for each of them for teaching me the real values of life. The regular syllabus based studies never helps a student to be a perfect human being and it is because of these teachers I realize the real value of life.  

Jancy Miss – My English teacher in my eighth and ninth standard- she is the one who create a love for English in my life, I started reading small - small poems and stories. The way she recite the Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth is still in my ears.

Asha Miss – She was a nightmare to all the students… Daily tests and questions, she was that much strict in the class. There would be pin drop silence in the class when she is there. But that much sincere, It is after our classes we realize she is that much loving and caring. She wants to see us coming out in flying colors.

Sunil Sir – An admirer of Gandhian thoughts, always in his simplicity and am really influenced by his thoughts and way he manages a class is simply superb. He is just like a classmate still strict. The way he handle the pranksters in the class is adorable. 

Liji Miss – The one who help me to realize what my potential is. She is the one who constantly helped me to find success. With her and Asha miss’ help I did a good job in my higher secondary level. Both of them never did something special for me but still they influence me very much. I improved my reading and writing just because of them. I am really thankful to these gems in my life J J

Geetha Miss – I love my mother tongue, Malayalam from the day I started learning, Malayalam is close to my heart and I had a habit of scribbling something in Malayalam during my childhood days and it is Geetha Miss’ class which made me fall in love again with my language. Her style of reciting poems and the diction it’s really magical. I really miss her classes L

     I should say there are many others who knowingly or unknowingly influenced me positively, who teach me something or other in my life… A great heartfelt thanks to all of them in my life. Am so grateful to them.
Once again HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY to all the teachers  J J J