Wednesday, March 27, 2013

प्यार !!!

देखा है  तेरे  नज़रों  में 
प्यार  मेरे  लिए ...
हर  पल  तू  मेरे  साथ थे 
मिलके  हम  देखा था 
हजारों  सपना ...
अब !
आंखों  में  है  एक आसू 
बस ! प्यार  तुमारा ...

P.S : My first attempt in Hindi... so if any mistakes do pardon me :)
P.P.S : This post have nothing to do with my life :p

Monday, March 11, 2013


I think March is too sweet to me :) loadz of pretty good things are happening around me and now adding to it here it comes 'THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD". Thanks a ton to Sruthi. I am not at all recovered from the excitement of Creative Blogger award yet and to add some more flavour to it here comes "THE LIEBSTER AWARD"

It is said that Liebster blog award is started in Germany and is used to highlight budding blogs or rather another way to acknowledge that they have done a good job. This is awarded to upcoming bloggers by fellow bloggers. It’s for blogs with 200 or less followers and so is a way to spread a word about budding blogs and get them more readers.

Now itz my time and here you go :


When you receive the award you must post 11 random facts about yourself.
Then you should answer 11 questions that the nominator has set for you.
Now it’s your turn to pass the award to 11 other deserving bloggers, linking them in your post and   ask them 11 questions.    
You are not allowed to nominate back the blog(s) who nominated you.
Visit their page and inform them about their nomination too.

Something about me : this is going to be very difficult for me... lemme check...!

1. A girl who is in love with rain
2. I want to be a citizen who fight against all the negative impacts in the society
3. I love hearing songs in my headset and that too in full volume
4. I love getting surprises and it means a lot to me
5. I like to be a volunteer for a better India
6. I am die hard fan of melodious music
7. I love watching cricket and SACHIN is almost like a God to me
8. Amma's food is always the best and now I realize the value of it
9. Family and Friends are the precious Gems in my life
10. For my dear ones am crazy mad girl and for strangers am just an introvert
11.For me life is beautiful than imagination

And now through the questions..!

1.       Vision, hearing, speech – which one you think is better? - For me vision is better and i can remember each and every part of it

2.       What do you think is the most delightful thing in the world? - A smiling face :)

3.       Define your blog in three words. - Its all about I, ME AND MYSELF

4.       What were you thinking to do in next two minutes? - to switch on my favorite track

5.       Which one is the craziest moment in your life? - music jamming sessions with my friends & family

6.       If God appears before and ask you to make 3 wishes, then what will be those 3 wishes you will make? - 1. always keep a smile in my parents lips
             2. power to fly
             3. power to eradicate poverty

7.      Suppose you have a special tree in your garden which blossoms currency notes. What will you do with all the money? - i think its better to cut it down :P

8.      With whom you wished to have spent some more time and why? - one and only my crazy friend- when ever we meet it will be always a hurry-bury and our discussions never end :)

9.      What do you think about life after death and why?- life after death..!! well yes i think there is something after that, souls really exists!

10.    If you are about to receive the capital punishment, and you are asked to express one wish, what will it be? - to update my blog :)

11.   If you find a rifle left by someone else, what will you do with it and why? - i would go for the game with my friends- "bursting the balloon" 

Sruthi... really that was an awesome session... questions are really great :)

So here goes my questions :

1. For you a perfect day means?
2. Imagine you are writing a book, what will the subject of your book?
3. The the best thing you did in your life?
4. Something which you feel proud when you think of yourself?
5. Your favorite author and book?
6. What is the meaning of your name?
7. That moment you want to relive?
8. If you had to describe your current feeling/mood with a song which one would that be?
9. The best gift you received till date?
10. Something which you learned recently?
11.If you were born again, what would you want to be?

 Yes! am done... and now to the procedure of passing this award to my dear ones... yes am on the way and the winners are :

1. Nupur           - Purple Fantasy
2. Surya            - my silly thoughts
3. Anisha           - Absolutely Not Sure!
4. Mani khanna  - Speaking My Heart
5. Krittika          - Anything But Gossip
6. Jessy John      - Tender Musings.

 Yes!! So congrats to all the bloggers :) Happy blogging... keep smiling :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yippee!!! Creative Blogger Award

1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog.
2.a. Three things About yourself.
   b. Two things People don't know about you.
   c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger.
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on.
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.

Yes!!! Now the main thing Thanks a lot Mani khanna for passing this award to me... Am really glad to hear that you like my posts and thank you loads for the inspiration :)
 And now through the rules :)

Three Things about yourself :
 1. Girl who loves to be positive in each and every second :)
 2.  A Girl who is madly in love with music :)
 3.  A Girl who want to see smiling faces all around her :)

Two things People don't know about you : Let some mystery revolve around me...
 1. It is a secret
 2. Shh... Again a secret :)

One thing you want to change about yourself :
My laziness :)

Questions asked by the blogger :

1. One thing you truly love about yourself : Smile :)
2. Biggest achievement till date : My family & Friends... they are the greatest and most valuable achievement        
     till date
3. Which one is more important :Truth that hurts or lie that retain the smile? Why? :
                                                : Truth that hurts is more important... A lie may give us a temporary smile in our face but it wont be forever. That lie keep on hurting us all through our life.But a truth which hurt for a while is temporary and eventually the hurt will fade off providing a smile :)

Haa... that was a wonderful task!!! i loved the questions :) and now going for something special!!!

And My Nominees are :

1. Roshan Radhakrishnan : GODYEARS
2. Prashanth                     : MY Perception
3. Roopz                          : Voice of a village girl
4. Suganya                       : Something OR The Other
5. Meera                          : A Rat's Nibble

And the questions for you- my nominees are :

1. That small thing which make a curve on your lips :
2. That one word which describe your life:
3. That one thing which you want to vanish from this world:
4. Your idea of a perfect life:
5. Most valuable thing in your daily life:

Yes... Am done with this :) and yaa am on my way to pass the 'CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD'
yess... so keep smiling alwayz :) and make this world the most beautiful place to live :)