Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yes! At last am back again with my ‘no-point’ talks. It feels like I had neglected my sweet blog for the past one month…L So sorry dear… and yes how are you friends??? I’ll keep in touch with your blogs as soon as possible J. Lots and lots of things are going through my mind and I don’t know what I am going to scribble here.Lots of things are happening these days and am like “what’s really going on?” Everything is moving so fast and changes are happening day by day

 So whatz happening here/ happened :
·         Am into a University Campus for doing my PG..!!! J J J
·         The most awaited terrific dream –Hostel life – Yes am enjoying it to the core, apart from the first day home sickness everything is going great (touchwood) with my crazy girls J
·         And my classes – A perfect blend of thirty five pieces of puzzles… How it happened… Only God knows!!!
·         As my friend roopz in the voice of a village girl said VIP treatment in home J :p
·         My bestie cracked LLB entrance and going to be a law student.. Am so happy for her success J
·         Even though am so happy that she got what she wanted it is that much sad that we are gonna miss each other so badly… L Her hostel rules really suckzzz… L L

“Yaar Love you sooo much and all my wishes are with you… Its true I will miss you so badly. I didn’t went to sleep without wishing you goodnight but now its gonna change but remember we are always connected sometimes missing each other is good in life na??? keep smiling yaar and all my best wishes for your new endeavor”

OOpzz its been so long without any subject…and yes deeps, I get out of the bucket ok??? Am glad that there are some who inspire me like you to write even though there is nothing in my posts… A Great Thank You for them J J and haa how can I forget that a Great Thank You to my dear God for giving me these happy moments in life… J J

So am stopping here J Take Care dear ones…. Keep smiling J J J