Thursday, February 27, 2014


Life was always good and fair to this girl. All the moments made her special and today too something special is going on and Someone is very excited and happy to witness this moment! No more wrong guesses please!!! That someone is none other than 'ME'. And yaa that something special makes me really happy. Yes! It is the birthday of my dear friend - MY BLOG'!!! Today, she is becoming a 3 year old cute girl!

There was a time when a girl was confused over anything and everything. There was a time she felt alone, even though she was surrounded with her loved ones! She is always blessed and the right things happened at the right time. It is in this one of those gifted moments, words started to accompany her! And those words lead her path and the words molded her, Of course for the best!

And today, when she look back to those days, she really feels like extending her  gratitude to the ones who positively as well as negatively shook her emotionally. It is because of them she is writing this piece with such an excited feeling.

Blogging was a new window to her. She was alone, her words weren't that strong and she was doubted about the subject, but faith in her words was her strength!  Soon her blog started to get followers! They always supported her, made confidence in her words and encouraged to write more! Slowly 'Time to see dreamzz'  became her life. The days started to get incomplete without her blog. She became literally crazy about her blog! Each and every morning of her started with new ideas and techniques to make her blog the best!

More friends from different corners encouraged her, some of them became her good friends, started to exchange their thoughts and ideas. They became her constant supporters in the blogosphere. She scribbled her thoughts, shared her feelings and celebrated each and every incidents in her life irrespective of how big and small it is. Even though she love her blog dearly, her identity is there in her blog,  she loved to be anonymous! That gave her the feeling of freedom to write. And thus blog became her life with the constant support of her loved ones!

In this very moment, when her blog turns'3 year old' she is happy for whatever had happened in her life. She is grateful for  every lovely moments, for all the twists and turns and each and every moment which made her think. And she really hope that she'll make her sweet blog alive for all the years to come. And wholeheartedly thank everyone in and outside this huge blogosphere who supported and encouraged her to hangout in the world of words!!!

Ohooo...!!! How I forget to wish my cutie girl!!! A very Happy Birthday to my Dreamzz!!! Am really grateful to have you in my life!!! Keep Smiling!!! :)