Saturday, December 31, 2011

ADIEU 2011

2011- It was the year which runs so fast. But I must say that there were many memorable moments in 2011. It was a year of realizations. 2011 gifted me a lot of things in my life. My blog was one of them. I never thought that I can write like this, but now my blog is a great inspiration for me. My “ACTIVA” is another gift in this year. I got my friends more closer and they made my days more colorful. And yaa I kicked out some from my life too :p. I realize how much I love my family, how much I miss them when am away. They are God’s greatest gift for meJ

This year was full of happiness, enjoyment, but still there was fearful, depressive, tear filled moments too. But I love those moments. Its because of those moments I am here. I love each and every moment of 2011. Lots and lots of fun filled moments, small- small moments which made eyes wet, lots of inspiration, confidence… In short 2011 was filled with both “impressive and depressive” moments. Thank you God for making 2011 memorable. 

Now, I am looking forward to 2012. Hope it will be successful

I wish each and every human in this world a great, joyful, blessed moments in 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nostalgic Realisation

    There are lots and lots of things which make us nostalgic ... some things, words, color, music, images have the power to take us back to our memories. Here am referring to my school days to be more particular the prayer time of my school days. It was pure fun. Even though it is prayer time we find our own way to play pranks on classmates. When we think about that time its painful missing a lot of lovely moments. And yesterday when I rewind my memories, I realized the prayer we skipped or the fun filled prayer times had wonderful meanings. We had two different prayer one in morning and other in the evening before we left our classes
So, the morning prayer goes like this,

                               “Dear God, Saw God help me
                                To do the things
                                I should to be, to others,
                                Kind and good in all I do at work
                                Or play, to grow, more loving
                                Every day”

And it will followed a quote it was like a slogan “G-o-o-d m-o-r-n--i-n-gg miss”  Most of the time without any goodness or love to that teacher

We never realized this prayer had such  a wonderful meaning.. It was a prayer we sang from our K.G sections. I don’t  know whether our teacher told us about the meaning but we were ignorant about that. We sang with a disgust  if our first hour is one of the hated subjects and with a much happy mood if it is our favorite hour but we were ignorant about the precious prayer we by hearted… Our evening prayer goes on like this:

                “Heavenly father hear my prayer
                Day and Night I am in thy care
                Look upon me from above
                Keep me safe all through the night
                Bless my parents with whom I stay
                Make me kinder day by day”

And just like the morning prayer we had another type of slogan ie, “Good evening miss, Thank you miss” and its not in the laziest form but with more enthusiasm because its the last act we do in our school

It is such a wonderful prayer “ make me kinder day by day”. Its an evening prayer so we pray to god to keep us safe all through the night… such a great prayer but we fail to realize it. We sang the evening in a hurry burry because after prayer we can leave school. Fortunately or unfortunately we, the whole “Lobelians” had the same “enthusiasm” for these prayer and we mis spelt the phrase “more loving” as “molavings” to maintain the tune. 

                       But still we love our “LOBELIA” for giving us both lovable and painful moments. I don’t know who the author of the prayer…the author is unknown to all the Lobelians still - Master, we hats off to you for giving us such  a sweet, small and meaningful prayer and at the same time a great sorry for not giving the proper respect it need… Once again Thanks a lot….

Monday, December 5, 2011

For my Loved ones....

Birthdays are most colorful day in my life. I love to remember the birthdays of my loved ones and make them happy on their special day… But never thought I’ll get such a great bang on my birthday. From childhood itself am so excited when I think of my b’day. Even though it is in December I’ll start the waiting for the day from Jan 1. As my friend says birthdays in school days were simply great, on that day we can wear color dress and feel something special while others are in their uniform. Being the center of attraction of the class, friends singing b’day song and distributing sweets are some of the sweet memories of life…
                                 Now, here am taking this chance to show my gratitude to my dear ones who made my b’day sooo specialJ. Thanks to my amma for her sweet kiss she is the one who wish me first, I don’t think it is fair to thank her without amma I won’t be here. 

A shake hand from my achan who supports me all through my life… Love you acha… J 

Yea I know my dear ones don’t like when I say the word “thanks” to them. They feel that it is so formal, so there is no space for “thanks” among us. This b’day was so special… I love each and every moment of this day… A cute talking teddy from my sweet angel, 

An awesome video as a gift made only for me which made tears in my eyes ( heyyy not because am sad but am that much happy for getting her as my dear best friend), The most lovable card from my friend (it made my face and hands full of sparkles with the guilt and its fragrance ohhh yaaa its still in my nose), the picture she drawn for me, a portion for me in her blog,

A surprise call from my brother ( really I never thought he’ll call me), an unlimited calls and messages from my friends especially my crazy harry potter, a surprise gift from achan, amma & sis book of my favorite author, a small shopping and a cool evening outing, a list of e-cards…

                            Am so happy and feel blessed to be with you people. Am that much lucky to get these loved one around me… How can I say thanks to you when you don’t like that? Love you always….. Thank God for giving me the greatest blessings as my dear ones… Thanks a  lot…

This b’day will always be in my heart… But what a girl I am I didn’t wish for myself… ha ha ha so yaa
“Happy b’day for me”….

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Inner Voice.........

In the background of the melodious music of cuckoo
I woke up to a brand new day
which is as colorful as a rainbow
Even in the horns and sound of traffic,
I found  that cuckoo's voice is so sweet
when I look to the mirror after I dressed up
I saw my image  and an inner voice said
"Look to your heart"
I ignored it and adjust my eyeliner's shade in hurry
and then the inner voice said,
" There is a pure soul in your self
which need a change". I stand still, confused.
voice continued :you may ask what change,
yes, your soul need a refreshment
from this fast busy life to smooth calm life,
a melodious music will do to cleanse yourself,
just like the advertisement says "take care"
not the physical-material aspect but
your pure innocent soul...
Don't forget its innocent like a new born baby"
Without understanding anything I stand still...
To know the meaning of my soul...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Life is Like That.......

         Sometimes I feel that life is to enjoy, without bothering about the rules and regulations, just living in the present moment without getting tensed about future... But when I did so someone called me that am an irresponsible idiot... that am one who doesn't have any seriousness about life, someone explained that without planning you’ll be not successful in life, another one told me that don’t try to fool yourself by embracing each and every moment…
                                                            And then I changed my view. I done things practically with each and every moment in a planning, with strict time table sessions but then again the voices said that am not experiencing real life, there is no use of living like robots, come out and find the essence of life
                                                                  So ultimately I learned its my life- not my neighbors, nor strangers or even my loved ones… Each ones perspective of life will change according to them. Enjoy life with our ideas; after all there is only one life… Do mistakes, Feel free to say sorry, find balance between every negatives and positives in life. Feel the warmth of life, unwrap the surprises of each and every moment in life… Its your life, live as it you like but remember your decision shouldn’t hurt your loved ones… Because life is like that even when we talk about our life, our likes, our decision there should be a pinch of sacrifice, tears and being hurt. Even when we define life in different ways no one knows what life is!!! No one knows what’s there for us in future…!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friends !!!!

 How to define Friend? Can we describe friend in a word? IS a word is enough to describe? These are the questions raised in my mind when i thought about this post. Its after lots of strikings and corrections I started it like this. There is something special - Itz Friendship Day. There are people who asks whether a day is needed to remember friends, but i don't care about such questions. I would love to find a specialty behind every day.. :) Friends are always with us, in each and every rise and falls of our life. They encourage us to win more and support us when we are weak. In this friendship day I can proudly say that am blessed with some "precious diamonds". They know me more than anyone else, they understand me even without I speak out things. I don't know whether I am doing the right thing; I know they don't like me when i thank them but still I should do that. I am thanking my "INSANE FRIEND" and "GREAT SIS" from my heart (OMG :) sry guys if i hurt you with the word thankz ;))

They were with me when am really down, they show me the right path when am confused, even when some of the characters in my life went out from my life, they stand beside me. I am so lucky to have these angels in my life. There are a lot of things between us: a range-less mobile, time - limited land line, no meeting points, even when we get a time to meet itz time bound ( what to do distance is a problem) Still we know each other, we care for each other, we've great trust in our friendship it won't break, it'll be forever. It is this bubbly girl who made my world much more brighter with her crazy ideas & my "CHOTTI RANI", she is my adviser. She is a such a wonderful human being. 

Even I have a lot of friends, these two have a special place in my heart. They are so precious in my life. Friendship is not in daily meeting, greeting & chatting, it should feel by heart. I found many who have "friends" ( just for name sake) just to show they have handful of friends, to implement their rules, to have fun. What to say I just feel pity on them. For me, Friendship is the most valuable thing. Mistakes will be there (no one is perfect na...?) fights will happen but still we will fix the puzzle box appropriately. Friends, you're the most valuable chapters in my life. Till this moment you were with me lets continue it forever. I don't want to miss you people. In this friendship day  I Thank my dear friends for each and every minute things they done for me...... 

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Life... My Rules..

I may have thousands of faults
in the eyes of you,
but am sure
there is an atom of goodness  in me.
I may be rude
I may be irresponsible
in the eyes of you people
but am sure
I am not that much bad...
You guys may feel that
I am useless
but sorry, you are mistaken..
You may find that am lacking ideas
but I've my own views..
You may define me in your own view
but I may differ from that..
I may done lotz of mistakes
but I've a heart to correct myself...
With all your negative views in me,
Still with the goodness in me,
Accept me if you can
I can't change for your sake...

Monday, June 13, 2011


Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

First tag Taken....

Yeah... Here am tagged by Alcina and i taken it as soon as i can... And thankz Alcina this is the first tag for me...

Color - Red is my most favourite color... it makes me so enthusiastic and i like purple, blue and white

Sports - My all time favorite Cricket but i love football too...

Artist / Singer -  A.R Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Atif Aslam, S.P.B, Sankar Mahadevan, Yesudas, Shreya Goshal.... List goes on

Hobby - Listening Music, Watching T.V, fighting with Sis.... Writing...

Movie -  3 Idiots, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Sangamam, Devasuram, Dasharatham

Songs - oru naru pushpamay, behti hawa, oru murai killi parthein, oru kunju poovinte, chinna chinna mazhai thulikal, tu jane na, papa kehtehe, all is well, maula maula..... endless

Perfect Holiday - With fav music, with my family, with fun, in my world's favorite place - My home...

Dessert - Any flavor except Chocolate..

City - My Fav city The garden city, Jammu & kashmir, Varanasi..

Season - Every season but rainy is the best

And well datz something abt me...!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watzz Next..???

What is next?
question is simple..
Yet no answer in my hand.
Life is a magic,
uncertain about the next moment...
still we plan for our future.
Just turn back,
the day which we laugh whole heartedly,
the moments that filled our eyes,
is that we planned?
The colorful days yet to come,
but still frightened
what's next?
Itz all like a suspense thriller...
With all the uncertainty,
With all the fear,
Still with all the hope
I love my life upto the maximum...

Love your life,enjoy life
Else you may feel repentance later


Sunday, May 15, 2011

At last....

Yeah... At last i decided to scribble something as my next post... After a great brain storming i selected the topic...  Yap it is something close to my heart... a new experience in my life...  When i describe watz it you people may find that i am or in this case we are mad... In this new technological era there are lots and lots of other ways to do... But still i find or "we" find it cute or what to say more close to heart... By the way i didn't told the matter right? Yeah thats about "Letter Writing"....

     We - Me and My Dear Friend did it once... but it was fun... But now things changed more than fun it was touching... More than mailing or texting writing letters make us more close.. Each and every line.. every word even letters spoke to me when i read her letter... And when i wrote back i felt so happy... Let me tell the fact we won't feel to write anything lie or some egoistic expression or something like that when we wrote the letter (hmm that's my personal xperience yaar not generalising...) So it was a great feel when i wrote that letter, each and every moment we spend together, our friends, fun filled moments, everything came to me just like a slide show... I think my friend too felt so because she wrote it in her letter... May be days, years, seasons everything change but the feelings, taste... it wont change... Really eventhough Mailing, texting, chatting and all are common among us but the feel that we get while writing a letter or reading a letter from our dear ones is something special... or in other words itz simply great...!!! Thankz a ton for my friend who made me to realise this great feeling.....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My fav..!!!

और  आहिस्ता   कीजिये  बातें , धडकनें  कोई  सुन  रहा  होगा
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें , धडकनें  कोई  सुन  रहा  होगा
लफ्ज़  गिरने  न  पाएं  होठों  से , वक़्त  के  हाथ  इनको  चुन  लेंगे
कान  रखते  हैं  यह  दर -ओ -दीवार , राज़   की  साड़ी  बात  सुन  लेंगे
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें

ऐसे  बोलो  की  दिल  का  अफसाना , दिल  सुने  और  निगाह  दोहराए
ऐसे  बोलो  की  दिल  का  अफसाना , दिल  सुने  और  निगाह  दोहराए
अपने  चारों  तरफ  की  यह  दुनिया , सांस  का  शोर  भी  न  सुन  पाए
न  सुन  पाए
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें , धडकनें  कोई  सुन  रहा  होगा
लफ्ज़  गिरने  न  पाएं  होठों  से , वक़्त  के  हाथ  इनको  चुन  लेंगे
कान  रखते  हैं  यह  दर -ओ -दीवार , राज़  की  साड़ी  बात  सुन  लेंगे
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें

आईये  बंद  कर  लें  दरवाज़े , रात  सपनें  चुरा  न  ले  जाए
आईये  बंद  कर  लें  दरवाज़े , रात  सपनें  चुरा  न  ले  जाए
कोई  झोंका  हवा  का  आवारा , दिल  की  बातों  को  उदा  न  ले  जाए
न  ले  जाए
और   आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें , धडकनें  कोई  सुन  रहा  होगा
लफ्ज़  गिरने  न  पाएं  होठों  से , वक़्त  के  हाथ   इनको  चुन  लेंगे
कान  रखते  हैं  यह  दर -ओ -दीवार , राज़  की  साड़ी  बात  सुन  लेंगे
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें

आज  इतने  करीब  आ  जाओ , दूरियों  का  कहीं   निशाँ  न  रहे
आज  इतने  करीब  आ  जाओ , दूरियों  का  कहीं  निशाँ  न  रहे
ऐसे  एक  दुसरे  में  गम  हो  जाए , फासला  कोई  दरमियान  न  रह  जाए
न  रह  जाए
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें , धडकनें  कोई  सुन  रहा  होगा
लफ्ज़  गिरने  न  पाएं  होठों  से , वक़्त  के  हाथ  इनको  चुन  लेंगे
कान  रखते  हैं  यह  दर -ओ -दीवार , राज़  की  साड़ी  बात  सुन  लेंगे
और  आहिस्ता  कीजिये  बातें....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dark is in all the way.
Everywhere is filled with negative emotions.
Even the holy night remain silent,
Everyone's eyes is filled with tear.

Waves are roaring like a giant,
swarthy sky seems to be a ghost;
who want to have an end to the earthly life.
stormy sea shows a repugnance to her children.

Shivering cold, dark night
filled with fear and prayer for life
Giant in the sea had no mercy
she swept the shore as a locust.

Poignant scenes were all over the shore
the slough of despond filled there...
Like an evil spirit,
as a result of black magic,
the dragon waves swallow many lives

Darkness filled everywhere
Darkness filled everyone's mind...
As the symbol of death
black flag fly in the post......

Friday, April 29, 2011

To my friend...

Friendship is a nice feeling when your friend understand you and be with you in all your happiness and sadness. But there are sometimes in life when there is a crack or break in your friendship. Itz my experience... I have a friend who i met 2 years back and had a good relationship but at a certain point ( i dont know ego or something like that) there was a break in our friendship. And we both didn't had any talk - even a word!!!. I don't know who started the fight... I don't know what's the reason behind that. Still we had a break up. And now a special person ( itz my sis) who changed my mind...I thought i was a good friend to all... I didn't had such a fight to any of my friend in my lifetime so i didn't thought that such a thing will happen in my life but i was mistaken i had some negative points too. Now i realize that and i am taking this post to say a great sorry to my friend. I don't know whether she see this or not but am doing it. I don't want to hurt anyone & i didn't meant to hurt this friend. If she felt so am really really sorry...

Monday, April 18, 2011


One fine evening while having our regular family chat a topic came in to discussion "DRIVING".
We all are fond of driving but none of us don't know this art except achan... Achan & Amma was too enthusiastic to sent her daughter (Datz me) to a driving institute to learn driving. This driving school is owned by my achan's friend so tension was comparatively less. Thus my first class started on March 29, 2009. I started a new learning session. My first practical session was in car - MARUTI 800.

Actually it was fun on the first day, i just learned about gears,clutch & break and balancing the steering it was not some thing like rocket science and i got it. The trouble caused me from the next day, you should apply clutch before changing gears, you should check the speed, you should see the vehicles, you should check side glasses, break, accelerator... OMG!!! and even more than that  instructor is too strict.... what to do...... Am not at all ready to put away my new art... It continued to 2- 3 days....After that 2-3 days car was going smoothly and another tension came into being... Driving a scooter its unimaginable... Even with a cycle balance some of my friends are trying hard to learn it and now me- without a cycle balance(!!!! shame on myself!!! :)). Classes was on early morning from 6 to 9 and some days on evening 5- 6... Basically it was fun with new friends and team but the fact is that am too lazy.. and the main thing is that i have lot of time to take the Learners Licence its April and I can take Learners only on December so everyone accepted my laziness and it was a slow process... But the some of the first classess was purely fun... lots of mistakes... and most common thing in scooter is every day we'll have a falling down session someway or another one or another it was a daily practice.... and the days went now am confident in car & that much ignorant about scooter... and vacation is over as my vacation class I need to wait till December to go for Learners and I planned to take the learners licence on the next day when I turn 18...

Days went so fast... Last weeks of November it was too busy like anything and December went so fast ( I didn't went to take Learners) January bid farewell, February went as lovely as possible, My laziness was at the top i didn't went to the office... I heard so much from my amma to take the learners don't know why i didn't went then March came after my exams one of the fine morning amma scold me a lot and heard that much as I can and I just stand from where I sat and asked my amma to to give me the cash for the application form. She give me the cash and i went to the institute to buy the application form and in the evening i became a laughing stuff in my home....(You know y??? My amma said to me as much as possible in calm way but i didn't hear & after hearing the "nice- words" from her i went) and thus I take the learners.... and I got my test date it was on September 8... The last week of August was a great fight with scooter...
 Ana at last don't know how I mastered over scooter and I perfectly took an "8" for scooter and a "H" for car and now am a Licence Holder of both scooter and car. And moreover that now am the owner of my own ACTIVA...!!! Thanks to my achan and amma who bought an Activa for me... A white cute Activa....

And now having a cool drive in my activa. Never thought having such a great difference in life from an unbalanced scooter to being an owner of a scooter..!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


ഓര്‍ക്കാന്‍  ഒരു  നിമിഷം  നെഞ്ചില്‍  ചേര്‍ക്കാന്‍  ഒരു  ജന്മം  
ഈ  ഓര്മ  പോലുമൊരു  ഉത്സവം .... ജീവിതം  ഗാനം.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Oh my God....!!!
Yet another day of wonder.
A systematic morning...
Calm hours
Lots of surprises
sudden decisions
A great gift...
A tension-free exam
Lots of Fun...
A small waiting...
A long talk... (ofcourse fun)
COOL NA...!!!!
A great day....
Thank U my dear God for each & every moment of life...

Sunday, April 3, 2011


At last we made it... Dhoni & Team made it...YES OUR BOYS MADE IT...
After 1983 after lots of prayers, hopes, hardwork our team made it...
Congrats TEAM INDIA!!!
Captain Dhoni just ignored all the complaints and gossips around him and played well
Our young boys made it for THE GOD OF CRICKET - SACHIN.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"I" what it means...?
merely an alphabet...?
No, dont think so
lying inner meaning,
in this vertical line.
So much of importance to 'I'
Some have more to tell,
some are not bothered about that.
Some find world in this single letter,
their life is in this line...
A single line,
and so much interpretations...!!!
A single line
and so much of explanations..!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Realities are far away from us.
like a birth of a child
like the moments after death
we can't describe it
we cant found it...
It is away from us...
why we are in this earth?
why should nature save us?
And then,
why we are exploiting the nature:
who serve us
some question is never answered...
some things are never explained...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zest of My Life..!!!

Rising sun.Rainbow.Dreams.Music.Achan.Inspiration.
Amma.Talks.My angel.Dewdrops.Achievements.Prayer.
Melody.Love.Drops.Compassion.Paper boats.Moonlight.
Chanting.Tea and newspaper.Night...
More than that MY LIFE...


ExamS.. Xamzz... Xamzz....

"Da did you study the glossary, Ma'm said its very important"
" Oh my God, No yaar I want to study. I didn't study anything..."

This is the most common dialogues we can hear when we enter into a college or school in the month of March. March is not only the month of summer heat but also the time of exam fever. From mid february itself tensions and preparations come into the extreme level. I f it is board exams - Oh my God... no words to express that. Most of the parents restricts their children from using mobile phones (Thanks to my parents I didn't experience that)But the fact is that most of the important notes that we studied(not generalising but majority)are through sms and chats. As one of my friends says mobile phones help a lot for late night studies.But what to say "MOBILES AND COMPUTER IS RESTRICTED" on those days.. Late night studies, missed calls and the last minute reading in front of the exam hall are the most wonderful moments of examz..

By the by I didn't tell you the importance of missed calls right? Oky now itz the time for that... Oh, its really adventerous. In the time of exams or study leave we wont be able to sms our friends (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE)So its the most adventerous one to give missed calls to your friends(Beware parents are always watching you)

Eventhough all says that it is a tension period there are lots and lots of good moments that we can cherish in our life. The sms by friends (basically bunkers) at the night before exam..
"Send me d prtns"
" Watz d xam 2mrw"
And the funny(can be say as foolish) explanation of a portion that we get on the talk of the exam day. The "art" in the exam hall(I think you got it)and the preparation of "bibliography"(PIECE)for the exam(by the "most studious" students) completing exam within ten minutes....

Really great times.....
Why all (Old generation)makes this nice, superb moments as tension moments. Dont you think they (old generation)too had these nice moments.. Ofcourse they had... If not how can we say that they are educated...!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A note on my FRIEND..!!!

The words it was a great surprise for me...
"Write about me too, I want to read that"
"Ofcourse i'll" I replied.
It was at so ease I replied but after that call I just sat silently, I realise itz not easy. " what will I write about her?"
Words are not enough to describe her.. She is my friend, my dear friend...

We are not the ones, who had friendship from our childhood days,
We are not the ones, who studied together for 6-10years...

It was only for just two year, but these days and this friend is a lifetime achievement for me.

It was an accidental meeting under a banyan tree, One of my classmates introduced her to me,

" She is ciyara, my friend. She is in another department".
"Hello", she smiled.
"Hai". I replied.

But I never thought this girl will be my dear one...

After a couple of days on an Economics class, she enter into my class as well as to my life.

Without any special reason or occassion we became close, it didn't took an year to be close to each other...

We had lots of differences in our taste and attitudes but we accepted both as they are... Or in other way instead of accepted we loved each other...

She is always talkative, So that we got lots of punishments from our computer teacher, we were such a nuisance to her class, but our teacher always liked us.

My friend always says that itz because of my patience that she didn't made any troublesome activities in our class..

We had a common enemy.But that "ENEMY" don't know we are her enemy. The most mischievious thing is that my friend planned and done a simple,small revenge to that "Enemy". I didn't knew that, itz after our classes she disclose it to me. It create a huge laugh among us...

Smile in her lips is permanent, she wont get sad easily, but she will shed tears when her heart is broken....

She is 101% sincere to her friends, She will be there always as a helping hand. But on the other hand it will turn back to her and affect badly to her... She is damn good friend to all his friends...

Her negative quality (Just 4 fun) is her sincerity, she'll do anything for her friends without thinking about her situation and she wont think twice before she leap forward... She'll be there around us...

We may not contact daily...
We may not sms daily...
We may not chat daily....

But I know she'll be there with me in my happiness and sadness
she'll be there with me to support me
she'll be there with me to encourage me

She is my Good friend...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Girl....!!!

I won't laugh,
when you crack 'so-called' jokes.
I won't cry,
when you want me to shed tears.
I can't make you feel better,
when you are not so.
I won't promize you;
I'll be there in all your good and bad.
I can't be like the one whom in your dreams..
I'll criticize you,
when I don't like you.
I'll live you,
when I hate you.
Iam not the one whome you dream
Am a girl,
with my own attitude and character
It is in my blood.
And I cant change that for your sake...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Having icecream.....

An evening after a long tired walk.... reached home and just sat in the sofa asking amma to give some water or tang... As the sun is too hot i cant bear the heat of the sun!!! After putting my bags down i sat so relaxed but i didnt get water... they didnt give me any drop to satisfy my thirst but... there was a surprise for me..!!!!!

Having a cornetto was a cool experience... & a surprise too....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Just thought of posting this....

ഒരു കുഞ്ഞു പൂവിന്റെ ഇതളില്‍   നിന്നൊരു തുള്ളി
മധുരമെന്‍ ചുണ്ടില്‍ പോഴിഞ്ഞുവെങ്കില്‍
തനിയെ ഉറങ്ങുന്ന രാവില്‍ നിലാവിന്റെ
തളിര്‍ മേത്ത നെയോ വിരിച്ചുവെങ്കില്‍
എന്റെ തപസ്സിന്റെ പുണ്യം തളിര്തുവെങ്കില്‍
എന്റെ  തപസ്സിന്റെ  പുണ്യം  തളിര്തുവെങ്കില്‍

കുടവുമായി പോകുന്നോരമ്പാടി മുകില്‍
എന്റെ  ഹൃദയത്തില്‍ അമ്രിധം തളികുകില്ലേ
പനിനീര് പെയ്യുന്ന പാതിര കാറ്റിന്റെ
പല്ലവി നീ സ്വയം പാടുകില്ലേ
കുഞ്ഞു പരിഭവം താനെ മറക്കുകില്ലേ
കുഞ്ഞു  പരിഭവം  താനെ  മറക്കുകില്ലേ

എവിടെയോ കണ്ടു മറന്നൊര മുഖം
ഇന്ന് ധനുമാസ ചന്ദ്രനായി തീര്ന്നതല്ലേ
കുളിര്കടു താഴുനോരോര്‍മതന്‍ പരിമളം
പ്രണയമായി പൂവിട്ടു വന്നതല്ലേ
നിന്റെ കവിളത്തു സന്ധ്യകള്‍ വിരിയുകില്ലേ
നിന്റെ  കവിളത് വിരിയുകില്ലേ

തളിര്‍ വിരല്‍ തൂവലാല്‍ നീയെന്‍ മനസിന്റെ
താമര ചെപ്പു തുറന്നുവെങ്കില്‍
അതിനുള്ളില്‍ മിന്നുന്ന കൌതുകും
ച്ചുംബിചിടനുരാഗം എന്നും മോഴിഞ്ഞുവെങ്കില്‍
അത് കേട്ട് സ്വര്‍ഗം വിടര്‍ന്നു വെങ്കില്‍
അത്  കേട്ട്  സ്വര്‍ഗം  വിടര്‍ന്നു  വെങ്കില്‍ .....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A half broken friendship.....

To my friend...
This is for you, only for you.
I don't know whether you see this or not,
but I must write this..

You lied a lot to me..
You're acting in front of me
we fight a lot with words.
But never thought you'll do this to me.

Just realise am not a fool to believe you,
In each word you lie, I caught you,
but I did'nt askd u
Because friendship mean a lot to me.

Friendship should need a heart;
an open heart,
Am sorry to say you, you lack it...
I wont force you to be my friend..
But remember,
Friendship is the most precious thing in my life...

A New Start.. !!!!


"Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go"
        These are from an American author  just like that here am making a start without knowing anything
to have and share something in my mind.....