Monday, December 5, 2011

For my Loved ones....

Birthdays are most colorful day in my life. I love to remember the birthdays of my loved ones and make them happy on their special day… But never thought I’ll get such a great bang on my birthday. From childhood itself am so excited when I think of my b’day. Even though it is in December I’ll start the waiting for the day from Jan 1. As my friend says birthdays in school days were simply great, on that day we can wear color dress and feel something special while others are in their uniform. Being the center of attraction of the class, friends singing b’day song and distributing sweets are some of the sweet memories of life…
                                 Now, here am taking this chance to show my gratitude to my dear ones who made my b’day sooo specialJ. Thanks to my amma for her sweet kiss she is the one who wish me first, I don’t think it is fair to thank her without amma I won’t be here. 

A shake hand from my achan who supports me all through my life… Love you acha… J 

Yea I know my dear ones don’t like when I say the word “thanks” to them. They feel that it is so formal, so there is no space for “thanks” among us. This b’day was so special… I love each and every moment of this day… A cute talking teddy from my sweet angel, 

An awesome video as a gift made only for me which made tears in my eyes ( heyyy not because am sad but am that much happy for getting her as my dear best friend), The most lovable card from my friend (it made my face and hands full of sparkles with the guilt and its fragrance ohhh yaaa its still in my nose), the picture she drawn for me, a portion for me in her blog,

A surprise call from my brother ( really I never thought he’ll call me), an unlimited calls and messages from my friends especially my crazy harry potter, a surprise gift from achan, amma & sis book of my favorite author, a small shopping and a cool evening outing, a list of e-cards…

                            Am so happy and feel blessed to be with you people. Am that much lucky to get these loved one around me… How can I say thanks to you when you don’t like that? Love you always….. Thank God for giving me the greatest blessings as my dear ones… Thanks a  lot…

This b’day will always be in my heart… But what a girl I am I didn’t wish for myself… ha ha ha so yaa
“Happy b’day for me”….


  1. looks like you had had a superb day...
    and i wish you all the happiness and God's blessings...

  2. @ deeps...
    ofcourse yaar i didnt expect such a bang... lotz of suprises... thnx yaar thankz a lot for ur wish. cheers... :)

  3. Belated Birthday wishes dear :)

  4. hoiiiii my sis....nice...

    ur swt angel

  5. @ my sweet angel...
    another surprise from u... i never thought u'll comment... thnx my dear... love you my dear.... sweet kisses for u :)

  6. hey.... Nice posts... :) Just waiting eagerly for Ur next post.. :) tc

  7. @ Surya...
    thnx yaar... sure yaar vil come soon with a post... keep visiting and do leave ur valuable comments :)

  8. hi, belated b'day wishes to u..
    now the blog become more colourful ah!
    good..keep going..

  9. I am happy that u had a bomblasting birthday....I never celebrated my b'de so b'de is on May 15th...its on a vacation and i never get any wishing or gifts as they 4get in their summer vacation...i usually wear colour dres on my brothers b'de which is on feb 24th as if we were twins....u r lucky to b born on dec..


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