Saturday, December 31, 2011

ADIEU 2011

2011- It was the year which runs so fast. But I must say that there were many memorable moments in 2011. It was a year of realizations. 2011 gifted me a lot of things in my life. My blog was one of them. I never thought that I can write like this, but now my blog is a great inspiration for me. My “ACTIVA” is another gift in this year. I got my friends more closer and they made my days more colorful. And yaa I kicked out some from my life too :p. I realize how much I love my family, how much I miss them when am away. They are God’s greatest gift for meJ

This year was full of happiness, enjoyment, but still there was fearful, depressive, tear filled moments too. But I love those moments. Its because of those moments I am here. I love each and every moment of 2011. Lots and lots of fun filled moments, small- small moments which made eyes wet, lots of inspiration, confidence… In short 2011 was filled with both “impressive and depressive” moments. Thank you God for making 2011 memorable. 

Now, I am looking forward to 2012. Hope it will be successful

I wish each and every human in this world a great, joyful, blessed moments in 2012


  1. Hey.. Nice one... Wish U the same friend.. :) Have a wonderful year ahead... tc..

  2. A very happy new year to u too... :)

  3. Wish U the Same .......................... :)

  4. Thankz to all of u.... :) keep visiting, do leave comment tc :)

  5. I wish 2012 brings many more gifts and happiness for you, happy new year :)

  6. @ shreya...
    thank u dear...keep visiting :)

  7. 2011 was so special for me too..easily the most happening year of my life till now,I too started blogging at the fag end of this year...u seem to be early looking at your archive dates...
    nice recollections..hope you have a rocking 2012.

  8. @ Rohit Singh
    thnx yaar... keep visiting and do leave comments :)

  9. ya u had a wonderful 2011. I hope that ur 2012 be blessed with constant happiness. May God bless u.


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