Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feel blessed!

Never forget,
to give a smile!
Even though he is a stranger
that smile can change his life!

Never forget
to motivate the one who failed!
Even though he is your opponent
that motivation can make him win !

Never forget
to surprise someone! 
Even though it is a small one
that surprise can make someones dream come true!

Never forget
to make someone happy!
Even though it is just with your smile
You never know
what is going through his mind!

After all,
it is a small life,
just make it huge and wonderful,
just spread the smiles,
Feel blessed!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


How Lucky Am I
to see the rising Sun!
How Lucky Am I
to see the beautiful clouds!
How Lucky Am I
to be with my loved ones!
How Lucky Am I
to enjoy the cool raindrops!
How Lucky Am I
to see the smiling faces!
How Lucky Am I
to receive all these blessings!
How Lucky Am I
to enjoy these beautiful moments!
How Lucky Am I
to get this life!
How Lucky Am I
to live this colorful Life!
How Lucky Am I
to be Lucky in this Life!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


where memories starts,
where everything was colorful,
where all you have to do is love and be loved,
where every tears ends up in a smile,
where every minute things was magic!
It is the place,
where everyone loves to revisit,
but never happen!
Childhood is a Magic!
Magic of Innocence!
Magic of Smiles!
Magic of millions of small-small things!