Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

 It feels great to know that our small small scribblings are loved by the readers and its such a lovely feel when we are acknowledged in reader's liking list... Its nice to recieve The Versatile blogger award from a lovely blogger Krazzy ki... Thankzz a ton dear... You made my day... :)

So the rules are :
1, create a new post
2, Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award
3, Pass it on to your fellow bloggers
4, State 7  random facts about you
5, Claim and post the award pic

   Heyyy... so here you go thanks a lot Ruhie for your nomination....

Now am passing on this award to my lovely bloggers... I love their blogs and their writings... I admire them for what they are :)

Harikrishna Varrier

  OMG... Seven Random facts about me.... :) :)

1.  I am blessed to have great and wonderful family :-) :-) ( touchwood)
2.  I  love rain and love to walk in rain
3.  I like gaming in mobile even though the charge is going down
4.  Guess what I don't like FACEBOOK!!!!
5.  Am a positive thinker...
6.  I love travelling but am that much lazy to get out of my home :-p
7.  I love to hear music and listen to the lyrics when am alone

Great!!!! Am a Versatile blogger :-) :-)

itzz great... Thankzz Ruhie :-) :-)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blessing In Disguise

Recently the most talked topic among the Keralites is about Electricity. Water is less in the Dam, the amount of electricity produced is less to satisfy the needs of whole Keralites and suddenly Government announced that thing which all the public are irritated of ‘Load shedding’.  Yes, Load shedding for half an hour in between 6 pm and 10 pm and power cuts in the morning sessions.

                        Most of us were not at all affected of load shedding because of inverters. But guess what the unexpected happened… Our Inverter was in trouble, it’s not in working condition and the load shedding time in our locality is 8.30pm- 9 pm. Because of the use of inverter we never cared for emergency lamps, candles and all Battery down for emergency lamp and at that night we were back to the olden days. My childhood memories were there in those nights. In those days my family would sat around the emergency lamp and chat anything and everything under the sun. It is in those discussions most of our brilliant plans evolved. At that time my sweet angel’s friends were the ants and small harmless beetles. She named one of the beetles as “Tuttu”. She always said that its home is inside emergency lamp and it is why it comes when the lamp is on. Our candle light dinner, small-small fights… All were there in those half hour darkness… My sweet memories…
                        It is in this week we went back to those days. We sat in front of our home. The thing which we noticed was the presence of ‘minnaminungu’ (Glow worm) and the moon light. Night is so beautiful with the natural effects. The heat was horrible but we found there were lots of small small things which go unnoticed. We never realized that there were this much glowworm in our area. Load shedding was the reason behind it. And now our inverter is back.  In these times we won’t go for a half an hour without electricity when we have an inverter … So we back on track with inverter… & Why I write this post… hmm… simple yaar it was simply nostalgic, a time of memories and some realizations… I really miss my childhood with load shedding and this 3- 4 days without inverter…  J While whole Keralities blaming Government for load shedding, I extend a great THANKZZ to them.. For other it was just half hour darkness but for me it was blessing in disguise J


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smile Please :)

What is Life without Worries…?
         What is Laughter without Sadness…?
 What is Care without Shattering…?
         What is Love without Hate…?
 What is Abundance without Emptiness…?
         Love the Positives
 Accept the Negatives
         Transform Negatives to Positives
 Love Life
         Life is Beautiful!!!
 Face it with a SMILE …!!!