Saturday, December 31, 2011

ADIEU 2011

2011- It was the year which runs so fast. But I must say that there were many memorable moments in 2011. It was a year of realizations. 2011 gifted me a lot of things in my life. My blog was one of them. I never thought that I can write like this, but now my blog is a great inspiration for me. My “ACTIVA” is another gift in this year. I got my friends more closer and they made my days more colorful. And yaa I kicked out some from my life too :p. I realize how much I love my family, how much I miss them when am away. They are God’s greatest gift for meJ

This year was full of happiness, enjoyment, but still there was fearful, depressive, tear filled moments too. But I love those moments. Its because of those moments I am here. I love each and every moment of 2011. Lots and lots of fun filled moments, small- small moments which made eyes wet, lots of inspiration, confidence… In short 2011 was filled with both “impressive and depressive” moments. Thank you God for making 2011 memorable. 

Now, I am looking forward to 2012. Hope it will be successful

I wish each and every human in this world a great, joyful, blessed moments in 2012

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nostalgic Realisation

    There are lots and lots of things which make us nostalgic ... some things, words, color, music, images have the power to take us back to our memories. Here am referring to my school days to be more particular the prayer time of my school days. It was pure fun. Even though it is prayer time we find our own way to play pranks on classmates. When we think about that time its painful missing a lot of lovely moments. And yesterday when I rewind my memories, I realized the prayer we skipped or the fun filled prayer times had wonderful meanings. We had two different prayer one in morning and other in the evening before we left our classes
So, the morning prayer goes like this,

                               “Dear God, Saw God help me
                                To do the things
                                I should to be, to others,
                                Kind and good in all I do at work
                                Or play, to grow, more loving
                                Every day”

And it will followed a quote it was like a slogan “G-o-o-d m-o-r-n--i-n-gg miss”  Most of the time without any goodness or love to that teacher

We never realized this prayer had such  a wonderful meaning.. It was a prayer we sang from our K.G sections. I don’t  know whether our teacher told us about the meaning but we were ignorant about that. We sang with a disgust  if our first hour is one of the hated subjects and with a much happy mood if it is our favorite hour but we were ignorant about the precious prayer we by hearted… Our evening prayer goes on like this:

                “Heavenly father hear my prayer
                Day and Night I am in thy care
                Look upon me from above
                Keep me safe all through the night
                Bless my parents with whom I stay
                Make me kinder day by day”

And just like the morning prayer we had another type of slogan ie, “Good evening miss, Thank you miss” and its not in the laziest form but with more enthusiasm because its the last act we do in our school

It is such a wonderful prayer “ make me kinder day by day”. Its an evening prayer so we pray to god to keep us safe all through the night… such a great prayer but we fail to realize it. We sang the evening in a hurry burry because after prayer we can leave school. Fortunately or unfortunately we, the whole “Lobelians” had the same “enthusiasm” for these prayer and we mis spelt the phrase “more loving” as “molavings” to maintain the tune. 

                       But still we love our “LOBELIA” for giving us both lovable and painful moments. I don’t know who the author of the prayer…the author is unknown to all the Lobelians still - Master, we hats off to you for giving us such  a sweet, small and meaningful prayer and at the same time a great sorry for not giving the proper respect it need… Once again Thanks a lot….

Monday, December 5, 2011

For my Loved ones....

Birthdays are most colorful day in my life. I love to remember the birthdays of my loved ones and make them happy on their special day… But never thought I’ll get such a great bang on my birthday. From childhood itself am so excited when I think of my b’day. Even though it is in December I’ll start the waiting for the day from Jan 1. As my friend says birthdays in school days were simply great, on that day we can wear color dress and feel something special while others are in their uniform. Being the center of attraction of the class, friends singing b’day song and distributing sweets are some of the sweet memories of life…
                                 Now, here am taking this chance to show my gratitude to my dear ones who made my b’day sooo specialJ. Thanks to my amma for her sweet kiss she is the one who wish me first, I don’t think it is fair to thank her without amma I won’t be here. 

A shake hand from my achan who supports me all through my life… Love you acha… J 

Yea I know my dear ones don’t like when I say the word “thanks” to them. They feel that it is so formal, so there is no space for “thanks” among us. This b’day was so special… I love each and every moment of this day… A cute talking teddy from my sweet angel, 

An awesome video as a gift made only for me which made tears in my eyes ( heyyy not because am sad but am that much happy for getting her as my dear best friend), The most lovable card from my friend (it made my face and hands full of sparkles with the guilt and its fragrance ohhh yaaa its still in my nose), the picture she drawn for me, a portion for me in her blog,

A surprise call from my brother ( really I never thought he’ll call me), an unlimited calls and messages from my friends especially my crazy harry potter, a surprise gift from achan, amma & sis book of my favorite author, a small shopping and a cool evening outing, a list of e-cards…

                            Am so happy and feel blessed to be with you people. Am that much lucky to get these loved one around me… How can I say thanks to you when you don’t like that? Love you always….. Thank God for giving me the greatest blessings as my dear ones… Thanks a  lot…

This b’day will always be in my heart… But what a girl I am I didn’t wish for myself… ha ha ha so yaa
“Happy b’day for me”….