Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Inner Voice.........

In the background of the melodious music of cuckoo
I woke up to a brand new day
which is as colorful as a rainbow
Even in the horns and sound of traffic,
I found  that cuckoo's voice is so sweet
when I look to the mirror after I dressed up
I saw my image  and an inner voice said
"Look to your heart"
I ignored it and adjust my eyeliner's shade in hurry
and then the inner voice said,
" There is a pure soul in your self
which need a change". I stand still, confused.
voice continued :you may ask what change,
yes, your soul need a refreshment
from this fast busy life to smooth calm life,
a melodious music will do to cleanse yourself,
just like the advertisement says "take care"
not the physical-material aspect but
your pure innocent soul...
Don't forget its innocent like a new born baby"
Without understanding anything I stand still...
To know the meaning of my soul...


  1. so awaiting some change??

    to know the meaning of soul or life??
    anways... refreshing one...

  2. @ deeps...
    change is a part of life... evryone want to knw d meaning of life but no one realise that datz all... I don't know whether i can find it or not there is a desire in me to find it... thnx for ur valuable comment... keep visiting :)

  3. ANSHA ABDUL KHADERJanuary 24, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    its nice....keep writing...


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