Monday, November 7, 2011

Life is Like That.......

         Sometimes I feel that life is to enjoy, without bothering about the rules and regulations, just living in the present moment without getting tensed about future... But when I did so someone called me that am an irresponsible idiot... that am one who doesn't have any seriousness about life, someone explained that without planning you’ll be not successful in life, another one told me that don’t try to fool yourself by embracing each and every moment…
                                                            And then I changed my view. I done things practically with each and every moment in a planning, with strict time table sessions but then again the voices said that am not experiencing real life, there is no use of living like robots, come out and find the essence of life
                                                                  So ultimately I learned its my life- not my neighbors, nor strangers or even my loved ones… Each ones perspective of life will change according to them. Enjoy life with our ideas; after all there is only one life… Do mistakes, Feel free to say sorry, find balance between every negatives and positives in life. Feel the warmth of life, unwrap the surprises of each and every moment in life… Its your life, live as it you like but remember your decision shouldn’t hurt your loved ones… Because life is like that even when we talk about our life, our likes, our decision there should be a pinch of sacrifice, tears and being hurt. Even when we define life in different ways no one knows what life is!!! No one knows what’s there for us in future…!!!!


  1. ...but life is not always like that :)

  2. @ deeps..
    yap life may not be like dat too.... i dnt knw yaar... it goes on and on like dat...

  3. but stop when ur heart tells you to :)


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