Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friends !!!!

 How to define Friend? Can we describe friend in a word? IS a word is enough to describe? These are the questions raised in my mind when i thought about this post. Its after lots of strikings and corrections I started it like this. There is something special - Itz Friendship Day. There are people who asks whether a day is needed to remember friends, but i don't care about such questions. I would love to find a specialty behind every day.. :) Friends are always with us, in each and every rise and falls of our life. They encourage us to win more and support us when we are weak. In this friendship day I can proudly say that am blessed with some "precious diamonds". They know me more than anyone else, they understand me even without I speak out things. I don't know whether I am doing the right thing; I know they don't like me when i thank them but still I should do that. I am thanking my "INSANE FRIEND" and "GREAT SIS" from my heart (OMG :) sry guys if i hurt you with the word thankz ;))

They were with me when am really down, they show me the right path when am confused, even when some of the characters in my life went out from my life, they stand beside me. I am so lucky to have these angels in my life. There are a lot of things between us: a range-less mobile, time - limited land line, no meeting points, even when we get a time to meet itz time bound ( what to do distance is a problem) Still we know each other, we care for each other, we've great trust in our friendship it won't break, it'll be forever. It is this bubbly girl who made my world much more brighter with her crazy ideas & my "CHOTTI RANI", she is my adviser. She is a such a wonderful human being. 

Even I have a lot of friends, these two have a special place in my heart. They are so precious in my life. Friendship is not in daily meeting, greeting & chatting, it should feel by heart. I found many who have "friends" ( just for name sake) just to show they have handful of friends, to implement their rules, to have fun. What to say I just feel pity on them. For me, Friendship is the most valuable thing. Mistakes will be there (no one is perfect na...?) fights will happen but still we will fix the puzzle box appropriately. Friends, you're the most valuable chapters in my life. Till this moment you were with me lets continue it forever. I don't want to miss you people. In this friendship day  I Thank my dear friends for each and every minute things they done for me...... 


  1. as that pict says friendship is a gift we like to keep, cherish everyday...

    by the way, reading what you have written is a hard task!!

  2. @ deeps..
    sure yaar.. am enjoying it thnx for ur comment...
    keep visiting & do leave comments.
    den watz up with reading is d pblm is with font?

  3. i have only one question...
    who's that "insane frnd"""???

  4. It s all jumbled and overlapping, (almost like my handwriting :P)

  5. @ anzu..
    wat u think yaar? who'll b dat insane frnd?

  6. @ deeps
    i think now u r ok with d font am i right? thnkz for the suggetion 4 making it better..

  7. @ deeps
    thnx yaar and wish u the same.. :)

  8. @ deeps..
    vil come back with a post soon... itz so hectic schedule yaar xamz, assignmnts, pending works all and all... Anyway thankz for ur consideration.. keep in touch..

  9. A very beautiful tribute Anjali :)
    And yes no one is perfect..its the little imperfections that gets us so mingled up with the person and before we know we are singing,laughing,playing,talking,dancing together with the world best buddies we get :)
    Your blog has a very beautiful feeling in their writing.I am sorry for not being able to drop in sooner had not been in good moods..hopefully shall drop in more often and hope to see your write more often :)

    take care

  10. @ Alcina...
    thnx a lot dear for ur comment and yes i can say dat am one of the lucky girls who is blessd with valuable friendship...touchwood :) thnx a lot for ur comment... keep visiting...


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