Monday, June 27, 2011

My Life... My Rules..

I may have thousands of faults
in the eyes of you,
but am sure
there is an atom of goodness  in me.
I may be rude
I may be irresponsible
in the eyes of you people
but am sure
I am not that much bad...
You guys may feel that
I am useless
but sorry, you are mistaken..
You may find that am lacking ideas
but I've my own views..
You may define me in your own view
but I may differ from that..
I may done lotz of mistakes
but I've a heart to correct myself...
With all your negative views in me,
Still with the goodness in me,
Accept me if you can
I can't change for your sake...


  1. There is an element of goodness, beauty in everyone despite having many other vices… those who recognize those in us are our friends.. :P they give us a mirror image of us to look and change …

  2. @ deeps..
    that's true..
    thnx for ur comment... :)

  3. this is the exact thing going on my mind sometimes
    good yaar :)


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