Monday, June 13, 2011


Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings. :)


  1. apt pict that xplains it..
    forgivness n friendship goes hand in hand

  2. @ sorcerer...
    yap thnx for ur comment...
    keep visiting...

  3. @ Alcina..
    yes yaar itz frm my xperience...

  4. i forgive you anyway....but dont knw for wat??

  5. @ deeps
    thnx yaar keep visiting...

  6. @ anzu...
    hmmm thnx for forgivng me...
    & lovd d commnt :)

  7. very true and ver, very well said. But when friends are angry, nothing really matters except revenge. I am going thru this phase right now... i have been the criminal and the victim too. don't like it where i stand right now...wish it got over soon.

  8. @ anonymous
    no one is perfect yaar.. there are some situation which show that some times we may accept it but there are some time when we burst out bcz of that... itz natural... if our frndshp is true we cnt take a revenge on each other... hope u'll get over this soon... thnx for ur comment.. keep visiting :)


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