Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watzz Next..???

What is next?
question is simple..
Yet no answer in my hand.
Life is a magic,
uncertain about the next moment...
still we plan for our future.
Just turn back,
the day which we laugh whole heartedly,
the moments that filled our eyes,
is that we planned?
The colorful days yet to come,
but still frightened
what's next?
Itz all like a suspense thriller...
With all the uncertainty,
With all the fear,
Still with all the hope
I love my life upto the maximum...

Love your life,enjoy life
Else you may feel repentance later



  1. Yes very true Anjali..we should live life to the fullest otherwise we may repent :)
    Nice write-up :)

    Hey check out my blog..something you have to take up >

  2. we plans...
    but future always changes
    hope it for best
    nice write up
    keep it :)


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