Sunday, May 15, 2011

At last....

Yeah... At last i decided to scribble something as my next post... After a great brain storming i selected the topic...  Yap it is something close to my heart... a new experience in my life...  When i describe watz it you people may find that i am or in this case we are mad... In this new technological era there are lots and lots of other ways to do... But still i find or "we" find it cute or what to say more close to heart... By the way i didn't told the matter right? Yeah thats about "Letter Writing"....

     We - Me and My Dear Friend did it once... but it was fun... But now things changed more than fun it was touching... More than mailing or texting writing letters make us more close.. Each and every line.. every word even letters spoke to me when i read her letter... And when i wrote back i felt so happy... Let me tell the fact we won't feel to write anything lie or some egoistic expression or something like that when we wrote the letter (hmm that's my personal xperience yaar not generalising...) So it was a great feel when i wrote that letter, each and every moment we spend together, our friends, fun filled moments, everything came to me just like a slide show... I think my friend too felt so because she wrote it in her letter... May be days, years, seasons everything change but the feelings, taste... it wont change... Really eventhough Mailing, texting, chatting and all are common among us but the feel that we get while writing a letter or reading a letter from our dear ones is something special... or in other words itz simply great...!!! Thankz a ton for my friend who made me to realise this great feeling.....


  1. I feel like trying it..cause i have never tried it..but when you write about feels like it's worth giving a try..


  2. @ Alcina
    Yes yaar itz worth trying...
    thanx for u comment..
    keep visiting...

  3. hmmm not bad .. but it was my idea

  4. @ anzu
    datz true my dear.... thnx for dat great experience...

  5. That's an inspiring one going to give a try :)

  6. @ Kiranz...
    Go on.... as one of comment says itz worth trying.. Hope it will giv u a nice experience
    thnx for ur comment & keep visiting..


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