Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dark is in all the way.
Everywhere is filled with negative emotions.
Even the holy night remain silent,
Everyone's eyes is filled with tear.

Waves are roaring like a giant,
swarthy sky seems to be a ghost;
who want to have an end to the earthly life.
stormy sea shows a repugnance to her children.

Shivering cold, dark night
filled with fear and prayer for life
Giant in the sea had no mercy
she swept the shore as a locust.

Poignant scenes were all over the shore
the slough of despond filled there...
Like an evil spirit,
as a result of black magic,
the dragon waves swallow many lives

Darkness filled everywhere
Darkness filled everyone's mind...
As the symbol of death
black flag fly in the post......


  1. Beautifully black..

    Very nicely described

  2. Thnx yaar....
    keep visiting... and give ur comments :)


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