Friday, June 10, 2011

First tag Taken....

Yeah... Here am tagged by Alcina and i taken it as soon as i can... And thankz Alcina this is the first tag for me...

Color - Red is my most favourite color... it makes me so enthusiastic and i like purple, blue and white

Sports - My all time favorite Cricket but i love football too...

Artist / Singer -  A.R Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Atif Aslam, S.P.B, Sankar Mahadevan, Yesudas, Shreya Goshal.... List goes on

Hobby - Listening Music, Watching T.V, fighting with Sis.... Writing...

Movie -  3 Idiots, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Sangamam, Devasuram, Dasharatham

Songs - oru naru pushpamay, behti hawa, oru murai killi parthein, oru kunju poovinte, chinna chinna mazhai thulikal, tu jane na, papa kehtehe, all is well, maula maula..... endless

Perfect Holiday - With fav music, with my family, with fun, in my world's favorite place - My home...

Dessert - Any flavor except Chocolate..

City - My Fav city The garden city, Jammu & kashmir, Varanasi..

Season - Every season but rainy is the best

And well datz something abt me...!!!!


  1. posting your profile...

  2. Hahaha..that was nice..Hey you took season in place of guilty pleasures? :P ..and you didn't take up some any specific reason?
    You don't like chocolate girl? :-o
    Your first tag too and even mine also :)
    Nice to know about you..and see some thing similar..

  3. thats a neat work...
    you must already be enjoying this season ha?

  4. @ Alcina..
    ya my dear der is no specific reason behind just went on like dat.. ya we hav somethng in common nice to knw abt dat
    keep in touch always..
    keep visiting :)

  5. @ deeps
    thankz for ur comment
    & ha am enjoying rain a lot :)
    keep visiting

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always looking forward to see your reviews... luv to hear your valuable comments :)