Monday, April 18, 2011


One fine evening while having our regular family chat a topic came in to discussion "DRIVING".
We all are fond of driving but none of us don't know this art except achan... Achan & Amma was too enthusiastic to sent her daughter (Datz me) to a driving institute to learn driving. This driving school is owned by my achan's friend so tension was comparatively less. Thus my first class started on March 29, 2009. I started a new learning session. My first practical session was in car - MARUTI 800.

Actually it was fun on the first day, i just learned about gears,clutch & break and balancing the steering it was not some thing like rocket science and i got it. The trouble caused me from the next day, you should apply clutch before changing gears, you should check the speed, you should see the vehicles, you should check side glasses, break, accelerator... OMG!!! and even more than that  instructor is too strict.... what to do...... Am not at all ready to put away my new art... It continued to 2- 3 days....After that 2-3 days car was going smoothly and another tension came into being... Driving a scooter its unimaginable... Even with a cycle balance some of my friends are trying hard to learn it and now me- without a cycle balance(!!!! shame on myself!!! :)). Classes was on early morning from 6 to 9 and some days on evening 5- 6... Basically it was fun with new friends and team but the fact is that am too lazy.. and the main thing is that i have lot of time to take the Learners Licence its April and I can take Learners only on December so everyone accepted my laziness and it was a slow process... But the some of the first classess was purely fun... lots of mistakes... and most common thing in scooter is every day we'll have a falling down session someway or another one or another it was a daily practice.... and the days went now am confident in car & that much ignorant about scooter... and vacation is over as my vacation class I need to wait till December to go for Learners and I planned to take the learners licence on the next day when I turn 18...

Days went so fast... Last weeks of November it was too busy like anything and December went so fast ( I didn't went to take Learners) January bid farewell, February went as lovely as possible, My laziness was at the top i didn't went to the office... I heard so much from my amma to take the learners don't know why i didn't went then March came after my exams one of the fine morning amma scold me a lot and heard that much as I can and I just stand from where I sat and asked my amma to to give me the cash for the application form. She give me the cash and i went to the institute to buy the application form and in the evening i became a laughing stuff in my home....(You know y??? My amma said to me as much as possible in calm way but i didn't hear & after hearing the "nice- words" from her i went) and thus I take the learners.... and I got my test date it was on September 8... The last week of August was a great fight with scooter...
 Ana at last don't know how I mastered over scooter and I perfectly took an "8" for scooter and a "H" for car and now am a Licence Holder of both scooter and car. And moreover that now am the owner of my own ACTIVA...!!! Thanks to my achan and amma who bought an Activa for me... A white cute Activa....

And now having a cool drive in my activa. Never thought having such a great difference in life from an unbalanced scooter to being an owner of a scooter..!!!!


  1. Interesting experience shared.

  2. @ anjali...
    thankz 4 ur comment & visiting my blog...

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