Sunday, March 20, 2011

ExamS.. Xamzz... Xamzz....

"Da did you study the glossary, Ma'm said its very important"
" Oh my God, No yaar I want to study. I didn't study anything..."

This is the most common dialogues we can hear when we enter into a college or school in the month of March. March is not only the month of summer heat but also the time of exam fever. From mid february itself tensions and preparations come into the extreme level. I f it is board exams - Oh my God... no words to express that. Most of the parents restricts their children from using mobile phones (Thanks to my parents I didn't experience that)But the fact is that most of the important notes that we studied(not generalising but majority)are through sms and chats. As one of my friends says mobile phones help a lot for late night studies.But what to say "MOBILES AND COMPUTER IS RESTRICTED" on those days.. Late night studies, missed calls and the last minute reading in front of the exam hall are the most wonderful moments of examz..

By the by I didn't tell you the importance of missed calls right? Oky now itz the time for that... Oh, its really adventerous. In the time of exams or study leave we wont be able to sms our friends (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE)So its the most adventerous one to give missed calls to your friends(Beware parents are always watching you)

Eventhough all says that it is a tension period there are lots and lots of good moments that we can cherish in our life. The sms by friends (basically bunkers) at the night before exam..
"Send me d prtns"
" Watz d xam 2mrw"
And the funny(can be say as foolish) explanation of a portion that we get on the talk of the exam day. The "art" in the exam hall(I think you got it)and the preparation of "bibliography"(PIECE)for the exam(by the "most studious" students) completing exam within ten minutes....

Really great times.....
Why all (Old generation)makes this nice, superb moments as tension moments. Dont you think they (old generation)too had these nice moments.. Ofcourse they had... If not how can we say that they are educated...!!!


  1. not in my case
    u knw am regular student who love studying daily

  2. ohhhh u r sooo systamatic right???


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