Thursday, June 7, 2012


            Heyy Friendzz…. In all these days I was planning and planning and planning to write a new post but that desire end up in doing something else…. Yea It is my vacation time…. Have plenty of free time but am too lazy to do something… I don’t know what I am gonna scribble here… So yaa its gonna be an unedited version of my thoughts….

            I was too excited these days my Entrance exam went well and yaa it was one of the easiest exam I ever done in my life… hope the results will also be favorable for me…Fingers Crossed!!!

            Later I was too busy with my exams to be active in my blog… but of course I was present in the blogosphere by reading my favourite blogs and commenting…. I really love this world of words…

            Let me say the months May and June of 2012 is really special for me. I don’t know why I felt so. I completed my Graduation…. (Results are not out … Finger crossed for that too J ) My sweet little angel’s results are out…!!! She is going to be a degree candidate… (Wow datz awesome) She is busy with admissions and tests, my continuous trips to the Capital of Kerala – Trivandrum, my first visit to Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple… What an amazing temple it is!!! Really am proud to be a part of this cultural tradition…
            And June…. It’s the starting of my favourite season… It’s raining!!! The cool drops which make us chill…. It’s so awesome… I love to be in rain!!! Rain with a cup of coffee & in the background our favourite music… Yea it is heavenJ. June- Reopening of schools, innocent tears of children, smell of new books. Rainy season is always nostalgic for me…. Oh yaa My favourite Sachin Tendulkar entered to a new phase... Member of Parliament... Congratzz!!!


            Life is always filled with surprises… We don’t know what comes next… The incidents happened to me in this one week were all surprises… A meeting with my best friend in the most unexpected occasion which is not at all planned, met one of my favourite teacher after a long gap and an evening rather an afternoon outing with two of my loved ones – my sweet angel and insane friend J J… Without a planning, without even knowing it just happened!!!
            So yaa… Now it is a post…The UNEDITED VERSION OF MY THOUGHTS!!! Wow perfect… hahahah :P… Again Fingers Crossed!!!

All the best friendzz… Keep going… You people are doing an awesome work… Take care and above all…

            KEEP SMILING J J J!!!! Lets create a world without worries… A world full of smiling faces J J J


  1. hey.. that was really nice... :))

  2. Those are really nice things going on in your life.May you be blessed with happiness always.And all the best.Your last two lines made me smile.
    take care
    enjoy in rain :)

    1. Thank you so much yaar... :) & yaa about the last two lines... My MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :)

  3. I thought holidays are time when we supposed to be free of all plans n timetables…. Hmmm
    By the way, is that your fingers in the pict?

    1. No yaar.... Life itself is a planning... I think so.... :-p... and yaa its not my fingers :) :)

  4. only one life yaar .. make most of it:)


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