Saturday, December 29, 2012

She is gone now....

She died...
Is it all her fault???
She walked in night with
her friend...
She thought everything is
safe here...
But she was wrong.
She is gone now...
leaving back all her dreams...
Who said India is an
Independent country???
Who said women have
equality in this country???
Can't girls be free in this country???
She is not safe even in
her own home...
Is this is the face of-
educational India???
Will this scenario ever change???
Will Gandhi's dream of
real independence ever happen???
Hopes remains as hopes.
Still hopes are there!!!
All Love to that Brave Girl...
May Her Soul Rest In Peace!!!


  1. good way to begin..
    though we ended 2012 on a bad note, i guess, the year ahead is bright and heralds lots of changes

    1. yea hope for the best... happy new year :)

  2. Lets just wish that things will be better. Let us all ensure that there is equality and justice for women.

  3. RIP Damini Amanat
    Hope this time politicians will amend the law
    Happy New Year


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