Friday, March 30, 2012

Break time...


So whatz next…  I was thinking for a whole day and then I realized that itz exam time… yea exams starts on Monday .Donno why during study leave times I am so active and do so many things other than studies… My friends are busy with their studies… what to say about me walking here and there, chatting with sis and mom. While friends text show hw’s your studies without any doubt i'll text back “yea itz gng well” and here am posting new scribbling day by day and finding out more blogs which are unknown to me… Commenting to all the works which my friends posts and today while I comment on the blogs I found some error in the blogosphere… yea I am unable to comment in any of the blog… not even mine… I hope  it will be accessible..

But now taking a break from blogosphere… 

Yea its time for studies ha ha ha lemme study atleast  in this last minute… friends, pray for me… Yes am heading towards the final exam… Wish  me good luck and do pray for me… Cyaa soon after my xamzz




  1. ha ha.. nice.. All the best chechi... Do well in your exams.. :)

  2. Good luck honey..hope u pass with flying colors :)

  3. i too faced the same trouble....

    well, you take a break as required and prepare well for the xams... all the best

  4. elarudeyum exam kalam ithupole oke thanne... oru karyam njan strict ayi palikarundu... exam thalennu nallavannam uranganam ennulathu... it keeps ur mind clear :)

  5. I hope u have done well in your exams.. U have a lovely blog here.. :) Have fun girly:)


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