Saturday, April 28, 2012


Life goes on and on and now it’s going to be a new phase of my life..!!! New atmosphere, new personalities, everything is going to be new for me!!! Well we have enough time to talk about this ‘new phase’ you can expect a post on that later. So yea here me again after a break. After my exams. I donno what I feel right now. Some moments in our life make us, hmm what to say??? Yes somewhat a ‘mixed- feeling’. You don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry… Exactly that’s the path am going through now .

I am so happy that exams, projects, viva all end well but am really sad that I won’t be there in that college again; the college which taught me what is life. The college which help me to realize who I am…. Really this college life was a great achievement in my life. Then comes Vacation days. The days when we have enough and more time to do whatever we love, yes am enjoying it, and at the end comes my results and admission procedures… (ohh datz something terrible)…

So what’s my plan for this vacation..??? Hmmm planned a lot of things… to read a lot of books, to be active on blog, do some kitchen works and more and more. But am really Lazy I donno whether me, my Lazy attitude help me to do all these things… Let’s wait and watch… Most of the times I plan a lot of things but ends up in watching TV, sleeping, music etc…  But this time it won’t be like that I’ll do something which I planned ( as always) J Still hope for the best na…

Ohh I forget to do one thing… Thanx for all my friends who wish me luck for my exams. All those things ended so well… Exam time was one of the most beautiful things in this student’s life… Small-small fears, prayers, hope, and all… And yaa congrats my blog friend of the other side of me 'who got a job as she wish… Am really glad that she told me when she got a job… Congratzz dear … am so happy for you JSo it’s time to wind up… I think this was one of my blog posts which are real non-sense without any connection between the sentences… What to do datz my feeling now…. Some what a crazy mad type hahaha… smileys and smileys…



  1. thats a dialogue from Terminator haha
    'i am back'

    so u must have had a super busy xams time ha?
    dont plan nything for holidays, just njoy them...
    and yea blog more

    take a note of my new blog link k?

    1. ha ha ha.... xam days were super yaar... n yaa am going to njoy my holidays & thnx for ur wishes :)
      sure i'll chk ur blog... :)i missed a lot of posts will chk all :)

  2. Hey.. Happy that your exams went well... :)
    Waiting for some awesome posts from you... tc :)

    1. hai yaar
      all d exams went well... & thnx for ur wishes... :) will try to do more posts :) tc

  3. Could you please change the background , or else put a background color as u did in previous posts, its tough to read...

    1. yea sure... thnx for ur suggetion... keep supporting and do giv ur suggetions and comments....


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