Saturday, February 2, 2013


                Happy Birthday my dearest and sweetest, not a day goes by when i do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here!!

Itz a day of celebration...!!! Even your loved ones birthday is exciting just like yours... Wishes from each and every corners, party, surprise gifts and pranks. Each birthday gives some moments which we can cherish all through our life. You may think why I am going on describing about birthdays which I already done one month before. This is something special... Birthday of someone special in my life... My bestie, My friend... Thats not enough to describe our relationship. As she always says 'SOUL SIS' is the apt term for this.
                             So it was her birthday on Feb 1. Her first birthday away from home and i know just like everyone else she too was excited about her birthday. And after her birthday, today I can see a pretty girl with her favorite gifts in her hands... 

                                She is always with her smile and full of creative ideas. And through this post I want to say something to her , that something awaits her 

                                          Yaar, this is something for you which already started flying from my hand, now still in the air and will knock your door soon... And that is something exclusively for you & yaa how was the song on Feb 1 at 12.01am. I hope you love it.. I know this post is too late but i thought let it be... Surprize... Surprize... It is still in the air...
                                           A very happy birthday to my dear one who was, is and will be with me throughout my life, who bought colors to my life, who teach me what a friend means, who describe me what friendship is, who always taught me what sincerity means and my heart full of love to this cute little prankster who started to explore a new chapter in her life which she didn't even expect... :)  May God shower all His blessings to this girl... love you loadzz my dear... Happy birthday!!! FOREVER NEVER ENDS :) :)


  1. i couldn't be more happier :D ... love you dr..and for d record i was really sooo happy wen i got dat group happy b'day song... convey my love to ur girls ..<3

  2. Replies
    1. after a long time!! am glad to see your presence in my blog :) thnx a lot will convey the regards to her :)

  3. Belated Happy returns of the day to your friend...:) May God bless your friendship..:)

  4. a very happy belated Bday wishes to your friend... she seems to be fortunate to have got a friend in you....or other way around? :)

    1. ha ha i think its the other one am lucky to get her as my buddy :) thanx a lot :)

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  6. still i got tears in my eyes ... really glad to have u in my life... gifts are sooo sweet and perfect :) love ya
    @deeps ya am lucky to have her

  7. this blog has totally re-invented! warm wishesh..



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