Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Priorities!!!

     “Give it fast”, he shouted to the flower girl,
Making a face towards him, she tied those bunch of roses beautifully.
“She will love it”, he smiled while keeping it safe in his bike’s bonnet.
“I don’t have change to give the balance”, said her sad voice,
While texting a “see you soon” with a bright smile he said “keep it with you”
“Momma, now we can buy dada’s medicine”
She cried with joy!


  1. That's touching.. and thought provoking.. !
    As I type this rose petals are still floating through your blog.. Keep writing chechi..!

  2. Thanks a lot dear :) And yea loved your findings on my rose petals!

  3. Lovely and emotional words... Nothing more to say

  4. That requires a touching experience at the backdrop…

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